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  3. Cannot answer your question as to why or why not... but I guess the interest in travel destinations have slowed down now that almost nobody will travel.
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  5. This site seems to be stuck in the mud bogged down nobody seems to post here why ??? Is it the pandemic the virus we are all so consumed with now. Sadly we all need to support these sites to keep them open I have seen a few fall by the wayside over the years.
  6. No I have one and of 2 minds if to try and sell it at this time been back in Aussie since the end of March I left quick and no time to shut everything down so still paying I guess it is one of the down sides of owning anything. Its not much still paying the maid/cleaner and the Maintence fee every month just have to live with it. In my wildest dreams never thought this would all happen but it did ------
  7. Guess we will have to wait and see. Why are you interessted in buying? I know of a couple of places that have already been sold or closed.
  8. Will there be a fire sale in the Philippines when people try to sell there properties in Angeles City considering the current problems.
  9. beachy

    KL Ekspres

    I like K.L for a visit and as Fordtech said easy to get around town been a few times now enjoy the visits -----
  10. wizard

    Buying a House

    If you were going to by a property to build a house in the near future where would you want to buy the property in respect of price / quality. Personal requirement would just be access to a larger city within 20 minutes (without traffic 😛 ) and a beach.
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