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  2. beachy

    KL Ekspres

    I like K.L for a visit and as Fordtech said easy to get around town been a few times now enjoy the visits -----
  3. wizard

    Buying a House

    If you were going to by a property to build a house in the near future where would you want to buy the property in respect of price / quality. Personal requirement would just be access to a larger city within 20 minutes (without traffic 😛 ) and a beach.
  4. hope it in place by Christmas 2020 as intend to go for 28 days.
  5. The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has recommended to the Department of Justice (DOJ) a non-extendable 30-day validity for visas issued to foreign nationals upon their arrival in the Philippines. Bureau spokesperson Dana Sandoval said the BI has submitted its position to Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra after its operations team reviewed "possible weak points" of the visa upon arrival (VUA) policy. "The management recommended to the DOJ that recipients be given a maximum of 30 days, with no extensions, as well as base allowed stay on itinerary presented," Sandoval said in a message. Deputy spokesman Melvin Mabulac said the BI submitted its recommendation to the DOJ last week. In the current policy, VUA recipients may stay in the country for 30 days and are allowed to apply for an extension of up to six months, Mabulac said. Asked for comment, Justice Undersecretary and department spokesman Markk Perete said the DOJ sees the shortening of the visa's validity period as a measure to prevent possible abuse, adding that it was a proposal that had been raised by the DOJ. "What we are interested in are the other measures proposed by the BI intended to further prevent any abuse of the VUA," Perete said. "We will review and evaluate the recommendation ASAP." The bureau started its review of the policy even before Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. raised a need to end the policy amid concerns on the influx of Chinese nationals into the country, Perete said earlier this month. He said "the entire mechanism and processes" behind the policy. For Chinese nationals, the visa upon arrival privilege was issued by former Justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II in 2017, prompting the BI to issue "landing visas," which allow a traveler to receive their visa at the airport of destination. The BI program was reportedly opened to Chinese nationals who are members of tour groups organized by tour operators accredited by the tourism department, businessmen endorsed by local and foreign chambers of commerce and other government agencies, and athletes and delegates to conventions and exhibitions. — RSJ, GMA News https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/nation/705806/bi-recommends-non-extendable-30-day-visas-upon-arrival/story/?just_in&fbclid=IwAR19PzDNl41mwOQdP8bo3ivNdOjXcPsoW8Km4l59y1guH_FtrsE3-NkFbYw
  6. 'The city government, in a bid to have an impressive city,' Hahahaha ! The last time AC was 'impressive', was when it was covered in a foot of ash from Pinatubo. 😄
  7. This should be interesting if he does it. The wait time will be months to get a visa from them.
  8. Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr makes the suggestion after National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr raised security concerns over the surge in the number of Chinese working in the Philippines ANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte will consider the suggestion of Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr to stop granting foreigners visas upon arrival, Malacañang said on Thursday, August 1. "The President will consider the proposal of the Secretary and if we don't hear anything from him, that means that will be the policy of the government," said Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo on Thursday, August 1 during a news conference. Locsin made the suggestion through a tweet on Wednesday, July 31, after National Security Advisor Hermogenes Esperson Jr voiced concern over the influx of Chinese working in the Philippines. "We need to put an end to visas upon arrival; all visas should be issued by consular offices after vetting. We must take extra care in outsourcing any part of the visa application process, picking only the most reputable worldwide," Locsin said. Esperon earlier said he saw the large number of Chinese coming to work in the country, many of them illegally, as a threat. He added that there was a need to be "cautious" when foreigners come in, regardless of nationality, "and their intent is not clear." Panelo on Thursday also echoed the concerns of Esperon when asked if the Palace also saw Chinese workers as a security threat. "Ang importante diyan, paano nakakapasok 'yan nang hindi natin nalalaman.'Yan ang mas delikado diyan (What's important is, how do they enter without us knowing? That's more dangerous)," said Panelo. But the spokesman said Chinese nationals who are in the country illegally can just be "expelled" by the government for violating immigration laws. The Duterte administration has tried to cultivate warm ties with China in order to reap economic rewards, even if surveys consistently show that many Filipinos trust China the least among nations. Thousands of Chinese workers are employed by Philippine Online Gambling Operations (POGOs) which are supposed to be regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (Pagcor). (READ: How China’s online gambling addiction is reshaping Manila) Insiders estimated that there are "easily" around 100,000 to 250,000 Chinese employed in POGOs. Senator Joel Villanueva had accused Pagcor of not properly implementing regulations, leading to a "loss in government income and opportunities for Filipinos." There have been cases when Chinese workers who come to work in the Philippines are poor and exploited by their employers. They are also exposed to racism amid tensions between China and the Philippines. source
  9. https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1816195/Pampanga/Local-News/5-Angeles-City-bars-with-no-business-permits-closed
  10. Nice video thanks for the share. Yep, that is Sabang. At the 4:10 mark if you look through the trees and the trash and see a pale green building with yellow trim that is my house. Shortly after that he arrives at the ATM which is across the street from Jack Daniels, home of some of the best Indian style curries in the Philippines, also home to Barfiner. Where he is staying at Montianies, rumor has it food from the kitchen may have become unsafe when the Italian owner went home. Hopefully it is better now. Capt Greggs who he walks past at 9:32 has a nice restaurant, the dive shop like to do much more casual deco dives than true fun dives. Steps and Gardens resort they visit at 15:15 is very nice. Good food, very clean, nice people. At 16:27 where the camera pans to the left is the Tamerind Restaurant. It is the same owner as Steps and Gardens, the food is good (except the Norwegian salmon---never get the Norwegian salmon.) Put bug spray on your feet and ankles to prevent nic nic bites. 16:10 she walks past where South Sea Divers used to be. RIP to a very fine shop.
  11. MANILA – Ride-hailing firm Grab Philippines said Monday it updated its policy to include a P50 fee for cancellations and no-shows to curb “unreasonable" behavior. The penalty will apply to passengers who terminate a ride 5 minutes after getting a driver and for passengers who fail to show up at the pick-up points within 5 minutes upon arrival of their GrabCar booking. The window is shorter at 3 minutes for GrabShare. Cancellation fees are added to the next booking fee if the passenger is paying in cash, Grab said. Passenger accounts will be temporarily suspended for 24 hours if they cancel a ride twice in an hour, thrice in a day or 5 times within a week, the ride-hailing company said. Drivers will also be penalized for cancelling passenger bookings without proper reason and for being selective of passenger destinations, the statement said. Drivers may also be “locked out of the platform” if they excessively ignore or cancel requests. Passengers automatically get 30 rewards points if a driver cancels a ride, while a “tipping feature” was also rolled out allowing passengers to reward their drivers. “Our intention in implementing this new policy is to create a better ride-hailing ecosystem, where both passengers and drivers practice the responsible use of the Grab platform,” Grab president Brian Cu said. However, the P50 cancellation and no-show fees will not be imposed if the driver is canceled within 5 minutes, if the driver is not moving towards the pick-up point, if the driver takes 15 minutes longer than the estimated time of arrival, and if the driver indicates he has arrived when he has not, Grab said. The platform said it was willing to refund wrongly charged fees within 48 hours. Grab has notified the Land Transportation and Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) about it’s new cancellation policy. source
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