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  1. Banjo

    COVID and Travel

    Qantas has said you will need a vaccination before flying internationally, see what other airlines adopt this requirement
  2. hope it in place by Christmas 2020 as intend to go for 28 days.
  3. Banjo

    Mount Mayon

    Has it not already blown,
  4. it maybe fake news, but the reason later stay in the room because the heat was unbearable outside the hotel is a new one.
  5. Banjo

    Water Bill

    my wife's house you have to bore for water, there is no water supplied
  6. A bit of history, it was 75 years today that the battle of Guadalcanal started.
  7. when does Iceland get that warm to wear bikinis?
  8. If people accepted the truth it would not be necessary to discuss modern history.
  9. get your facts correct, Japan never got to Port Moresby their ground offense was stopped on the Kokoka trail in the Owen Stanley Ranges by Australian troops and their sea attack never happened with the battle of Coral Sea. they wanted Poet Moresby as a base not to advance into Australia, but to go into the small pacific countries they has their eyes on. Port Moresby had a full length runway. http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2002/05/31/1022569832145.html
  10. never was the intention of japan to take over Australia, its supply lines were too stretched, japan intention was take over the small countries that are between Australia and the US effectively isolating Australia from the US thus prohibiting the US from using northern Australis as a springboard back into Asia. the US intervened in Guadalcanal and was a lead in the battle of Coral Sea to stop Japan implementing their plan
  11. Us will only come to Australia's defence not because of an obligation but it only in an US interest
  12. don't worry Australian's politicians say Australia will be hit; i suspect this will apply in every country in Asia.
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