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  1. always best with police officers to say yes sir three bags full,and curse them under your breath as you walk away,dont matter which country you are in
  2. Happy birthday Larry,same day as my brother,have a good one and hope you are enjoying your life in Cebu,but you maybe need to visit now and again

  3. one will just have to adjust,instead of going out at eight one will have to be like guys who go to perimeter bars,bars hours will not change only the time will change,bars will start opening at 3pm and close at midnight or 1am,when one stays out until 5am on the piss,one cannot arise much before midday or even later,so much of the day is fucked,at least if we are hitting the sack around the one o'clock mark,the following day will not be a complete loss,so if it comes,we will just have to embrace it,i dont think it will be a big issue,except the loss of the discos maybe and the end of the girls from bars heading to HISO
  4. many board members here and on other sites,dont realise how cheap life is over here
  5. on the news i read said they wont harm him as 50k or 60k had been paid
  6. just goes to show how much commonsense politicians have,even over here,dimwits
  7. just plain out execution,but he did warn all of them,we all knew about it,so he is not all talk and no action
  8. someone on the tv the other day said it was because they didnt get the best jobs,and benefits to them should be more,what the fuck
  9. probably drunk at the time also i would imagine,seeing night time
  10. as with many,feeling the pinch,many new hotels that are cheaper and just as good,their buffet was excellent but again very pricey,sad to see anything go,but thats life
  11. Marcus robbed his nation blind,but some people still believe he was the best president they ever had,people had jobs,and only one was getting the cut,so people knew where they stood,he too was tough on bad criminals,in all other countries his family would never be allowed to stand in to be elected into anything,but it seems even if you are held in custody you can stand for any position here,in my opinion,thats why they keep the education system low over here,they dont want anyone too clever to upset the apple cart,and the only people who ask questions are the ones coming back from abroad,and if they ask too many,they are never seen again,but when in another country,it is best to keep out of politics and anything to do with religion,sit back and enjoy our time here
  12. this certainly will be a step backwards in the attempt to raise poverty in the philippines,but his tough stance on criminals could be a good thing,but over here we know you can be classed as a criminal and have done nothing wrong except upset the wrong person,the outgoing president was going to get rid of corruption as well when he came in,but it is the worst it has ever been,every one is at it nowadays,from the policeman on the street to top government officials,when will the philippine people say enough is enough,never,shit many are going home to commit an illegal activity,voting for money,and if people are attempting to buy their way into a top seat,dont people think,that when in they are going to get their money back,big time
  13. while the philippines have the 60/40% ownership of businesses they will never prosper,big firms can come up with the millions for the 40% but finding some filipino with the other 60% is nigh impossible without someone getting ripped off
  14. arrested in the usa.haha,we all know they have a mat for praying on and maybe use the same one to save their knees while kissing ass
  15. pity they are not enforced,some motorbikes you dont know whether they are coming or going,and some no lights at all
  16. yes,the girl is underage and should she be called to testfy,she will probably be dressed in a school outfit and no make up on,hopefully he will say that thats not the girl he slept with,but in most countries,ignorance is not accepted as a plea,he will learn,that there is no such thing as a cheap fuck!
  17. Hagler must be using a different name
  18. you are not a hard man out there,the npa have no scrupples as well as a lot of others,one man poking his nose into filipino affairs doesnt stand a chance and is shear stupidity,you piss people off out that way and you are going to eat a bullet,and even god almighty isnt going to save you.but RIP,no family deserves this.
  19. said ticket not processed until midnight,way after the draw,and said they trying to add money only just before the draw at 7.30,so seems rather fishy to me,and no email confirming their ticket,a bit like trying to back a horse after its won,bookies dont fall for that nowadays,maybe in the late forties
  20. same here,dont mind fucking like a rabbit,but i dont like eating like one
  21. and of course they didnt drink coffee when they got fat,its what passes down the throat that makes us fat,some people will say its their genes or have a thyroid problem,but funny no one had that problem when coming out of the prisoner of war camps in WWs
  22. bares thinking about how big their asses would be if they didnt have that diet coke,every little bit helps i suppose
  23. Yeh,and americans are the biggest drinkers of coffee i would imagine,and they are all slim,so i think that observation is out the window
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