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  1. ka-ching, ka-ching, the Christmas bonus for the Pinoys and the Korean "gets off the hook" on the charges he was previously caught on.
  2. "so far no arrests have been reported in any of the cases"
  3. The Mountain Province is the principle "growing region" in the P.I. Sounds like it was a "set-up" to me, especially when you consider the tons of methamphetamine that get the "green light" through Customs at the port in Manila.
  4. Mexico goes by the Napoleonic Code, you have to prove your innocence. I suspect that the P.I. is similar.
  5. They have a lot of natural hot springs (from the volcanic activity).
  6. You're delusional. The Japs were already at Port Morsby and prepping for invasion. I suggest you correct your erroneous "history" by studying the USS Enterprise and the sacrifices of Americans over months of fighting in Guadalcanal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombing_of_Darwin
  7. Was the U.S. "obligated" to intervene in Guadalcanal to prevent Australia from becoming Japanese territory?
  8. We are reaping the reward of Obama's "Strategic Patience" (ie: do nothing) policy.
  9. Youtube series about WW2 on Luzon (1/5)
  10. Mayor Espinosa was a drug kingpin. " a gun was found in his hand " SOP
  11. I've heard this very same story, concerning garlic, a few years ago. What is it about price-fixing "garlic"?
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