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  1. What next the coconut cartel or maybe the banana cartel or perhaps the pineapple cartel .....
  2. Par for the coarse ...... RD now says that ALL the illegal drug distribution and trade takes place in Cebu by way of IloIlo ..... so I suspect we will see a cleansing in those places next .....
  3. Thanks for the info ..... the only way I hear about the outreach programs any more is if someone posts their agenda ..... seems the embassy doesn't or can't be bothered with send me any info anymore ..... but then I haven't received any news from them in almost 2 years ..... maybe they think I'm dead .....
  4. 6.5 is fairly strong .... I remember a few years back we had a 6.3 shaker in Cebu and I wasn't able to walk to get to the door without staggering like a drunk man ..... that was my first real earth quake .... some idiot sent a text message saying a tsunami was going to hit Cebu and it went viral .... people were running around downtown like chickens with their heads cut off .... a taxi driver told us that there were so many people running out in the street that he could drive down the road .... somewhere I've got some video of the panic if I can find it .... if it isn't on my desktop which took a crap 6 months ago .... but that is another story .....
  5. Thanks for posting that FT .... my internet has been down for 5 days and just now got it fixed .....
  6. Actually this is good news because the the more weapons they get of different caliber and manufacture the easier it will be for them to mix up the ammo and parts causing MORE chaos and confusion ..... I remember back in 1960's when I was deployed to Cuba during the Cuban Crisis we had to turn in our newly acquired M-14's for M-1's and BAR's because the Navy only had M-1's and they didn't want the ammo to get mixed up ..... but then the US military is not as smart as the Philippine military .....
  7. Then you must have been down there when a Sgt. was killed by an explosion caused by a can full of nails tied to a motorcycle parked along side the street ..... something else he told me about .... he said they had just arrived in town and he and some other guys went into a place while the Sgt. stayed outside near the bike when it went off ..... again just repeating what he told me as he went to work for the same company I was at about a month before I left to move here .....
  8. I'm only reporting what the guy told me back in 2007 so I don't know for sure as I've never been down there myself ..... but as you claim you were down there
  9. That guy is extremely lucky ..... looks like the shot came from far away or the bullet's energy was spent long before it got there ..... not much mass in your neck to keep a bullet from passing right through ......
  10. What a farce ..... I would pull out and let China handle the intel ...... as to our soldiers protecting themselves a friend of mine who was stationed down there told me they weren't allowed to have weapons of any kind but had to rely on the Filipino soldiers for protection ..... and I will not comment further on that ....
  11. OK latest story is that the casino security guards critically wounded the guy and he ran into a room locked himself in and set fire to himself committing suicide .... so after all the stories are in we may or may not know the truth .....
  12. Latest events ..... now cops are saying they shot the suspect ..... dear god .... what a mess ..... reminds me of this .................... The Keystone Cops
  13. Now they are saying it was to cover up a botched robbery attempt as one suspect barged into the storage room where the gambling chips and sole 113 million pesos worth of chips but they were recovered in a back pack ..... now the stories are getting wilder and wilder .... the cops are telling all kinds of tales now .... should be interesting as to how it all gets sorted out .... Bato is giving all kinds of conflicting stories ..... now saying the gunman committed suicide by burning himself alive .... ....
  14. So why didn't the Chinese seize the shipment there .... they should know by now that no one is ever caught here receiving the goods or if they are it is some poor schmuck sent to retrieve the package ..... at least that is what someone with any common sense would do ..... JMHO
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