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  1. Still havent fitted one or have any prepositioned. The sky is not falling.... Worry about india or pakistan who are more likely to do some dumbass nuke shit
  2. The other point is they have no long range icbm to put them on. Farthest they can go is Japan.
  3. Be more of a waste of taxes to pay for off base housing. Everything we build there of course will eventually go back to them when/if we leave again. But barracks are just common sense. Hope the get a commissary and exchange as well but that may be reaching....
  4. Lol just reading the title had a vision of the mayor saying ok you koreans, get behind this desk hahaha
  5. What exactly will happen is nobody will take the exam and the roads will be full of the same idiots just with no valid license
  6. Dumbasses are basing it on the amount of americans coming here with the current system. As stated above paperwork delays will reduce that amount quite a bit. Plus they are not taking into account the money they get for renewels. People that come 3 or more times a year would maybe come 1 or 2 or blow it off and go to thailand instead. Its not about equal treatment its about revenge and greed or he would have included all countries that require them to get a visa. Oz, UK, Canada, etc.
  7. Dont be sad it changed again lol http://www.sunstar.com.ph/manila/local-news/2016/10/21/no-split-us-just-more-regional-integration-504838
  8. Lol everyone I know here us jittery till they get that second beer down
  9. Unless they are using Subic as a parking lot hub for all the provinces in that area to take the train to the airport in Clark
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