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  1. 'The city government, in a bid to have an impressive city,' Hahahaha ! The last time AC was 'impressive', was when it was covered in a foot of ash from Pinatubo. 😄
  2. The thought of NONE of that revenue going into the pockets of government officials, let alone established taxi mafia, has clearly caused panic in bureaucratic circles. In PI, you had to see this coming.
  3. Fucking idiots. But yes... glad less of my tax money will be going to Islam and their stone-age crap.
  4. Yeah, talk about putting a spin on it.. as well as the blatant Xenophobia that we've all become accustomed to in the 'more fun' in the Phils. ... And wtf have the pedo cases got to do with this one ? Just had to mix that dirt in too, and yes, locals protected, naturally. Butter wouldn't melt in their mouth now would it.
  5. From my sketchy knowledge of the Korean War, and subsequent developments, they are very very lucky... and ungrateful people.
  6. This guy really is not funny anymore. Nobody likes drug dealers... or drugs, for that matter, but there are ways, and the human rights people are not going to go away. What if he gets his way and introduces martial law ? At least Marcos LIKED 'us'.
  7. I know a few stupid professors. Did he carry out appropriate litmus tests ? Maybe he should have joined one of the forums... and learned something about the PI and its people.
  8. Is Duterte a psychopath ? Maybe set him loose on that Jetski he was mumbling about. He's already openly admitted to having murdered people. .
  9. I saw the horrible pictures of this posted on Facebook (as it's not so far from where my family and friends live). RIP to those who were killed. It's a risk we all take who ride the buses in PI. That or walk. I always sit at the back next to the emergency exit anyway. More legroom.
  10. Scumbags ripping off decent hard-working people. No better than the Nigerian scammers. They give us poriners a bad name. Throw the fucking key away.
  11. Sounds reliable if the crowd grabbed him. We need more of this. People might fucking behave themselves then.
  12. I like animals. Not a soppy 'animal lover', but I respect and have an interest in all living creatures. Now I'm glad that somebody has enough money to throw at a few dogs, but quite honestly, I can think of many many more worthy causes to pour good money into. Pathetic fucking wankers (usually with stinking houses).
  13. Problem is... all the wrong people are breeding. Refugee camps full of babies ?
  14. 'If found guilty, each of the nine Koreans faces a prison term of six to 12 years'. Shit... that's gonna cost. Good that those poor 'rescued' ladies were allowed to go home though, eh.
  15. It was always going to be a rough ride, and I for one would not like to predict the outcome of this President's 'policies'. Meanwhile, I will just keep my head down and hope that my family and I will not be adversly affected.
  16. Traffic pollution has got to be a million times worse than people puffing on tiny cigs, surely ? Anyway, nice to see Mr. Estrada has been assimilated back into society after his jail-time.
  17. Fucking cesspit full of hypocritical wife-beaters and child molesters. Should have stayed in the British Empire. We might have assisted them into at least the 18th century.
  18. They are going to have a hell of a lot of old people to support soon, and fewer workers. .
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