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  1. Use a bank you stupid Fucks. Why would you have that kind of cash in your house, no CCTV system no alarms no dogs, no motion detectors, no powerful outside lights wtf. For being this stump in a 3rd world country they deserved to loose every penny.
  2. Yeah I am sure fireworks are worse than all the smoke belching vehicles here. And people burning trash and shot everywhere.
  3. Wait until the new DU30 appointed head of PNP takes over. Hopefully this commit a crime get transferred crap will end.
  4. I think the trasfer only crap will end soon with DU30 hopefully. Your ass is gone for good in Davao if your caught.
  5. Pretty sure this situation is not good for the AUD.
  6. Helm yesterday I saw guys running out to scooters and trikes with a 50p bill stapled to a candidates flyer.
  7. SBMA is like that to. The paper bags are fucking worthless they fail so easy.
  8. That's why you get a high end security firm. Many of which hold their guard personal responsible for theft as in knocking off family members if they are found to be involved. About the only way to keep people honest here.
  9. The Fuck would you not have armed security guards to escort you. Deserves to be robbed.
  10. Saw them today on my morning exercise on SBMA.
  11. I wonder how many from the Philippines are on that list. Could make elections even more interesting.
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