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  1. There's some sick people out there,at least this ones been caught.
  2. Change the American to Filipino and swap countries............There would be an outcry of racism,protests,and anti US statements.The hypocrisy of it being OK to enforce immigration laws in every country but the USA.....is staggering.One day lets hope OUR country does the same to all in the US that break our immigration laws.
  3. I would like to know why there's a shortage of men,before making that choice.............something tells me its hazardous to your health being a man in iceland
  4. Considering the amount of people in high risk groups in the pi, id say there doing well (if those numbers are even close to right).
  5. Some idiot that is a threat to multiple country's and you guys want to argue about shit that went on 60 years ago.............this is whats wrong with the world today,nobody wants to concentrate on the real problems.No wonder the worlds such a fucked up place. Hey but don't let me get you guys sidetracked..............carry on.........after all someone on the internet is wrong...cant let that slide,the world might end.
  6. The fact he received such a " harsh " sentence in the first place,is nothing more than the jury saying " you got away with murder " and were going to do our best to make up for that. no judgement on my part as if it was warranted or not..just stating the obvious that it was payback.
  7. Exactly right...........and if they don't Trump should say we are going to pull out of South Korea.........see how many seconds it takes South Korea to pony up after that announcement.
  8. I can tell you first hand nothing President Trump has done affects Philippine visa's.My Mother in law just got hers a few weeks ago,(tourist 10 year muli entry) type.
  9. Doubtful anyone would even notice if the service just disappeared,you ever call one of these places?About as useless as tits on a bull. All they do is read a chart,they cant understand you,nor you them. The companies know it's a shit service but for some reason think they need to provide it to appear that they care about customers. Some of the other Great services we Americans get from call centers is the lovely cold call and completely fucking stupid telemarketing.........yeah what a loss india/philippine call centers would be.
  10. That's some sad truth,and it will get worse over the next 10 years with the balance of the baby boomers retiring.Last i heard we were OK as long as the fed didn't raise interest rates,now that they have were in the red.or at least at the tipping point. I would have "liked" your post as it true............but i don't like a damn thing about it.
  11. Why would anyone care who or if anyone performs at a Presidential inauguration? Its not a sweet 16 party.
  12. If 22 is a minor were all in serious trouble.
  13. Typical of china........they clone just about everything,make the clones with cheap material/components and ship them all over the world.They are scumbags imo.
  14. Because that would make sense,not something our current government does im afraid,let's hope it changes............killing drug users is just as sad as us letting our kids kill one another on the streets of Chicago,imo our problem is much worse,we have let our inner cities turn into waste lands where all hope has been lost for any kind of a quality life.Let's hope the new government coming in actually makes good on the promise it made to bring industry back to places like Chicago,Detroit,Baltimore,Oakland ect, be a shame to lose 20% of a generation for no good reason. Figures the NYT ran an article like that.........bunch of hypocrites.
  15. Given the title i knew better than to click and read...............but like a car crash i just had to look.I cant deny cringing while reading.....That had to hurt.So much for the stereotype of all Asians being smart.
  16. http://www.trump-conservative.com/news/packetsled-ceo-matt-harrigan-fired-due-to-threats-to-assassinate-donald-trump/
  17. What an idiot,CEO lost his job in a Cyber Security software company,over stupid comments on an open social media site.How ironic. https://packetsled.com/blog/
  18. The words of a smart man once read............ "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" .................seems to fit here .One of two things are going to happen,DU-30 is going to drop to his knee's and lick President Trump's boot and be a good little boy...........Or .......DU-30 is going to talk his country out of US aid and US military support.If the 2nd happens He may have a revolt from within on his hands.
  19. This guy changes his mind about everything it seems,As far as talking shit to the POTUS somehow i doubt anything DU-30 says ever even says makes it to the POTUS and the shit that does i doubt he cares.Probably rolls his eyes and says yeah whatever pal. That may change shortly,DU-30 might want to just stand by and think about what he says from that point forward,there's a new sheriff in town come Jan 20th.
  20. I hope everyone that is upset about President Trump........(damn that just rolls off the tongue don't it)..............just picks up and leaves the country,In fact i hope million's of Bernie/Hillary voters leave.Will make 2020 so much easier for a President Trump Re Election.........It really does just roll off the tongue
  21. Oh com-on you haven't lived until you stand next to the return jet from the filter,he's a kid he stayed there just few seconds to long it was over before he knew it happened. In an actual moment i guess maybe 10-12 years ago i had a cam girl friend "actual friend not a fuck buddy" who's BF got her preg,we were talking about orgasms one night,i could tell by her expression when i talked about the "involuntary contraction's women experience" during orgasm that she was clueless,leading me to ask.........(you know i had to)......Have you ever had an orgasm?Her reply (i couldn't make this shit up) "I Had to im buntis diba"............I had to inform the poor girl of the truth....
  22. Didn't the US gov already decide to cancel this?26K Rifle order..........Nobody gives a fuck about such a small order,somebody tell this guy to stop talking pls.Just hold up a sign saying. "Better to say nothing and be thought a fool,than speak and remove all doubt"
  23. The only 2 sentences that matter to him.He's ready to sell his country down the drain over hiya.
  24. While i think he's putting the Philippines at risk,i also think it's going to end badly for him and the pi if this goes on much longer.But............It is his country the people elected him by a large majority.They are allowed to run their own country as they see fit. Just like it's the US governments choice to stop arm's sales and aid to them.With that said,There is a lot of fuck the pi sediment in the media,the more this guy run's his mouth the worse it will get imo.I heard my wife talking to her mom about him,from what i could gather there are people in the pi getting tired of him running his mouth.Im not there so i can only go by what i heard from the mother in law. As a side note im not happy at all about this Duterte guy,I had to tell the wife this could effect our retirement plans im not investing in a house and lot and moving there when things are unstable.Much to my surprise she her reply without even a thought was "so we move to another place"............
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