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  1. And you know why? Because POTUS just showed that he is above it and is the most mature person in the room.
  2. Go to the local trike station and see if it makes a difference. He said it as a insult to POTUS. There is no two ways about it. Dodirty is a pig of a little man and this is only his latest fuck up. I mean realy he said the same shit about the Pope and wanted to be first in line of a rape/murder missionary woman??? NO. The guy goes out of his way to insult and belittle other people.
  3. Man you guys got it all wrong. If your brother from a different whore mother gave you airplanes than you should be happy. Hopefully the bastard loosened the bolts and lost a few screws before he sent you to go drop hand grenades out the window on the Chinese,
  4. Their problem is they never seen or heard it. The Japs wore slippers and were barefoot by the end of the war. Plus they had no cobble stone streets for it to echo off of.
  5. No I've never beena sky fall guy. But this is a new dynamic going on and if you can't see it. well.....
  6. What's next? Would be my question if I lived there.
  7. Abu Sayaf my ass. They are going to get him. The downward spiral has begun. Keep your heads low expats because this clown will go to any lengths and declare who ever it is conviient to be the "enemy". I predict less than 60 days.
  8. Duh. The point of my post was in agreement with yours. I did not think that even 10% would test positive. Not everybody uses drugs and it is the same in the PI.
  9. What do you think? They all say they would KILL the guy for disobeying the law. Now you now if the law said ................... Would you kill the guy because>>>>>> ? Just wondering. You everyone here going to KILL the guy. Just wonder?
  10. A good one. Guilt by association. Life sentences for all you users of certain services in the PI. Big men all going to kill the guy. WAWAWAWA
  11. No. So wrong again. Why would I have to debate you and your silliness? A old saying "never punch down in your weight class.".
  12. Still sucking to be a moderator I see.
  13. Because of course don I'm a dickhead and naturally you are a nice guy.
  14. Come on now don't disparade the other site so. I make special fudge drop brownie for you uncle Fred. Owny cause I wik u so much.
  15. Use to think the same way Sammm. Till got my family here. Now I wonder about the attitude of some guys here in the USA. We very rarely ever got to nightclubs because some ass will start on the "Chinese Lady" with me. Yes and they do that.The climate here in America is very cold for immigrants. I did it right green cards and social security numbers but there are still MANY asshats that make stupid comments almost daily. This is becoming stupid here. These people can't tell a Mexican from a Chinese to a Pinoy. They don't try.
  16. And I'm sure the Thais are not so stupid that they can't figure it out. Imagine the day that to get a entry visa you get the sim given and if you monkey with it??? Well who knows?
  17. Maybe you should loge a complaint. Poor thing.
  18. You do know that the Philippines is considered a important posting in the political world? Now if you got sent to Luxemberg or Belize that would matter. Damn dudes dis the USA all you want. In a few months months you'll be crying because Du30 is after you. Keep wishing for Washington to send a "monger" Ambassado'r. TRump doesn't even know where the Philippines is at. He gets his Eastern Europe.
  19. Just to help with that. Or maybe she'll send Rosie O'donnell.
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