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  1. Yep a real Piece of Shit this clown is, lethal injection would save some tax dollars to feed and house this jackass.
  2. Set up Bonging for VP and then after a while depart office and hand the country over.
  3. Ben not so bright meets Marrisa and son both scammers. Cannot make this stuff up........... is not the internet and WU sorts of Money Transfer facilities grand..........?
  4. Something else to be concerned about happening to one of us that reside in AC, permanently or on again off again.
  5. Maybe they can suspend all busses and taxis too......... That would be a real hoot of a time........ Keep only the jeepneys running on the road.....
  6. Lets hope so.........but RWYA....... “All fowls within the one-kilometer quarantine radius will be culled and buried. No chicken fowls will be brought out. Quarantine teams are now guarding the exits of San Luis to disinfect all vehicles coming out of the area,” Piñol said.
  7. Surely not someone that is getting free tuition for college.
  8. Pass............... Big Mac's cost toooooooooo much there. http://icelandmonitor.mbl.is/news/news/2015/07/20/would_iceland_top_big_mac_index/ http://www.economist.com/content/big-mac-index
  9. If you did not have Uncle Sam to save your asses, it would of been Japan intention after all other Asian countries they wanted were under submission. Yep, Japan could of took over small pockets of your soil bit by bit, taking over all at once they would of not attempted.
  10. Not good, but was bound to happen, let us hope there is not too much more of a cancer growth but....... that is highly unlikely as entry gates do not have enough oversight and recognition of is not wired up.
  11. and........ you just learnt after X amount of years being in this world what foreign policy is all about..........? Sloweth to comprehend, huh......., Banjo. You along with your ungrateful mate Paul Keating can consider yourselves lucky that 2017 US AUS interest are aligned where the rubber meets the payment on these such situations. In the 1940's your country's interest was rigidly aligned with United States interests. Soooooo.......... on a positive note, count your blessings that you're not speaking and reading in Japanese daily.
  12. That's possible. Good thing you have the United States to protect your homeland. You and your buddy Paul Keating might want to cease being ingrates as you two continue to bask under a blanket of cover of what the US has pre-positioned on your soil. If the shit hits the fan, no need to say thank you, just have the Aaaaa-ha moment that you were in error (BIGLY) about America's 45th President as he, the MAGA Team, and the worlds to date finest military protects your asses. FT suggest you move this thread to the POL SEC. It was destine to go there from post #2 and post #3 and then.... post #4
  13. They cannot grow enough rice, this has been proven year after year. If you import an item it makes it easier to hoard and also dip one's beak into the pie.
  14. Lets hope this tools are utilized on the ones that have been doing all the beheading lately.
  15. Make it Nationwide and 50 plus for the USD to PHP will become stable.
  16. Why can't these morons just go with ladies 20 and over. What a dumb dumb this guy is.
  17. Hope they can fit in a Town Hall in Manila or on Clark for that visit.
  18. Should be all over the news here in RP soon. ANC, GMA, TV Patrol and in paper print. It's going to be interesting how the unfold goes with the local RP media....... Here is a bit of additional information from CNA http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/trump-invites-philippines-duterte-to-washington-white-house-8807254
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