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  1. People are saying that all of a sudden they cannot see pics I post on Joke of the Day.

    Yet they appear ok in the thread on my computer. ???

  2. Shrug. Some seem to be "loo, the poor criminal". Let's go back to the start, if he had not broken the law in the first place he would not be in the fix he is in. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Pretty cut and dried to me.
  3. Nope. Lot of difference in not understanding drivel and raising something else. Diba?
  4. Have not the vaguest idea of what you said or alluded to above. But that is not unusual.
  5. When you rec'vd yr PC certificate, was it a requirement that you trade yr sense of humor for it? Just asking.
  6. In my last couple of active duty years I started seeing the occasional one that in a pinch I would let give me a blow job. And after about 30 days into a 60 day field exercise they all started to look like it was getting near to closing time.
  7. I'm looking at pics now and both vehicles are damaged on the drivers side, front. Looks more like a head on than anything. http://www.dutertedailynews.com/2017/01/breaking-news-mikey-arroyo-on-car.html Here's some more. https://jologs.com/cop-dies-mikey-arroyo-gets-injured-in-pampanga-car-crash/
  8. If you truly believe yr words than IMO you have had little if any interaction with the spoiled, ill mannered, disrespectful animal that passes for today's kid. Just my opinion.
  9. Hope all the over dose centers put on extra staff for those days. Going to have to treat a shit load of Pinoy having withdrawal symptom attacks.
  10. Am I missing something here? Where does it state anyone was 22? Even if it did, the case is eight yrs old so if 22 now would have been 14 at the beginning(?).
  11. I was for the most part sort of on Duterte's side. But when I saw this statement in the Philippine Star yesterday, well IMO he has crossed the line. To even say something like this and to continue to cover for that Espinosa jail shooting, well.............
  12. One of the coldest nights I can remember since I started living here. My house temp gauge showed 18 at 0300.
  13. That beauty in the pic has been employed to work at a club in AC. Pls don't fight to see which one of you gets the first crack at her.
  14. The problem for me here is the bugaboo about not using a condom will cause the girls to require me to use one. And the vast majority of the aids spreading comes from the bakla community, not the straight community. So they are the ones that need education and the girls need to leave those KTV bennie boys alone after hours. Specially the one's that service both sexes.
  15. Ok. Now tally up the people killed on the streets of Chicago alone and tell me why the US does not look to it's own problems before casting stones at other countries?
  16. Naw, I mean how can you give the death penalty for merely/choose one: "losing control", "brakes did not work", "engine problems". I just cannot believe the amount of people that get killed on the roads here with these same excuses being given again and again.
  17. Looks like it will not be a "Merry Christmas" for some people. Could be some new girls will be working in the bars as well?
  18. They better build at least one more new jail. And make it a big one.
  19. At night, 21/24, daytime, 25/27, low humidity. Have not had to use a fan in the daytime for over 2 months now.
  20. Before my live in went for her lisc. test, I went down to National Book store and they had a small pamphlet for driving rules/signs/laws. She flunked her first test by one question, the tester offered to pass her for P500, I would not let her. So she had to wait one month before she could retake. She passed the retake.
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