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  1. Another informative article. Just what did he say that got his company's panties in a wad enough to fire him?
  2. Article was a complete waste of space. Gave no info on basis of charges, who brought the charges against him, who he was supposed to have trafficked, etc.
  3. Sometimes you have to wonder what the hell people are thinking. People go to places like Iran, N. Korea, China, many places in the Middle East, etc., get their ass in a crack and then wonder how the hell this could be happening to them. Well, dahhhh. You think it might be because you were stupid enough to go to such a country in the first place? For some reason humans are the only animal that has to relearn lessons over and over. You can tell yr kid until yr blue in the face that if he sticks his hand in flame he will get burned, but what happens? He just has to do it and get burned before he believes you. People have been going to these places, getting arrested, going to prison, etc. but does the next person learn anything from that? Hell no, they get on a plane, go to these places, get in the same problems and then wonder how they ended up screwed up the poop chute.
  4. And where will the money come for this? Hell, they can't even get the new type lisc. plates or renewal stickers out, or even new laminated driver's lisc's upon renewal. Just another big idea that will last about two days and then go onto the trash heap will all the rest of unfinished ideas.
  5. Shiiiit. First time I went to a pool and a couple of my female (just so there is no room for error) class mates showed up wearing two pieces you could actually hear the water displacement from all the little weenies popping a woody. And after thinking back and remembering some of the looks on some boys faces, would bet there was more than one "accident".
  6. While I was kind of on the line, a bit more for Duterte than against, in this drug initiative, if he lets this slide and no multiple people take a fall for this, then a tag of "Butcher of the PI" would not be inappropriate. The guy(s) was in a locked cell, the CIDG people forced their way into the jail, never showed a warrant, did not coordinate with the jail supervisor, expect people to swallow the idea that a guy locked inside a cell with no way out was going to start a gun fight with armed members outside his cell, those outside the cell find it necessary to gun him down vice just taking cover, the jail CCTV video gets up and walks away and no one can find it. Talk about a serious defecation odor.
  7. I can't believe there is someone so uneducated that they would actually believe this. Well of course, that is not counting Grahm.
  8. Have we not seen a few of these in Dryden group line ups? And I believe I had one of them grinding her ass on my dick at Office one night. Just saying.
  9. Can't say where his tobacco was, but as for hand rolling, have two expats here that do that. One Brit and one Irish.
  10. Well, as we are a far ways from the above, guess that will have no impact on us.
  11. Was like that when I was here at the Embassy in '70/'71, under Marcos martial law. Actually worked well. Streets were quite, no karaoke screaming out at all hours, I would be in bed, mine or a ST hotel room, at a decent hour and if a hotel room could still get it up, as I was usually not completely bombed. Bars closed early enough girls were not so tired they did not want to perform. I for one would not find this to be a problem at all. :oral sex:
  12. And that is just what all foreign businesses should do, pack up and go. Wonder what Duterte would have to say then.
  13. I did not take Russel's words as pertaining to the foreign expat community residing in the PI, I took his words to be referring to Filipino expat communities in other countries.
  14. Good. Then from now on the US, UK, EU, etc., should no longer furnish aid when the PI is hit with a natural disaster, which is usually a couple times a year. We will keep our monies and let China and Russia take care of the PI. Diba?
  15. https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=yfp-t-s&p=tombstone+movie+bye+quote#id=1&vid=e2346d8ba24f3bf6c9c034aad6392042&action=click
  16. When will the US ever learn? They should just completely withdraw all gov't entities from the PI, warn US companies that are/want to go in business in the PI they are on their own, wash our hands of the PI completely for now. Stop issuance of all Pinoy OFW visas. Let Russia and China take up that slack, I am sure the OFW's will be better off financially working in those countries. If the next Pres wants to get US/PI relations back to a better standing, let him start from scratch. Cause Duterte is well on his way to trashing those relations presently.
  17. Wrong, wrong and wrong!!!! First, my vehicle is 13 yrs old, I take good care of it, up to safety standards, easily passes emissions test. So WTH should I be forced to go by a new vehicle? Now if they got off the streets all the smoke belching POV's, buses, jeepneys, etc., I could go along with that. And make commercial vehicles pass a safety test as well. Second, I follow the traffic laws whilst riding my mtrcycl on EDSA, so why the hell would I be banned? Do you realize the days it would take me to traverse Manila if I could not use EDSA? Pls come down here and try that trip and then speak yr plan. Now what they need, is traffic enforcers on bikes patrolling places like EDSA and giving tickets when appropriate. They could balance the city budget it they did this and would make driving these areas much easier. Also if they would take off the streets all the colorum buses, taxis, all vehicles with no lisc. plates, would definitely cut down on traffic. With yr plan, EDSA and it's ilk would become nothing but a rich man's hiway.
  18. Bet it would not take to many guesses to figure that out.
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