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  1. Shrug. As the old USSR learned, costs a bundle to hold sway over even a few countries. As for if evil did start making inroads, about time for others to step up and defend themselves. Vice some outside country. Look at what is happening right here in the PI. China is taking over/developing islands in the PI ECZ, we sided with the PI, now the PI is basically telling us to shove of. Ok, not a problem. We need to do exactly that.
  2. Puts our service and intelligence people in jeopardy? Easy enough to solve, any country that would sue us due to military or intelligence actions, simply pull our troops out and do unto their intelligence gathers the same as they do to us. Personally I am tired of the US being the world's policeman. Let other countries take that job and see how they do. If a country specifically asks the US for help, it is a good cause or benefits the US, then give assistance. But pro quid pro. No more free hand out from US tax dollars. The US needs to start addressing problems like US infrastructure up grading, airport controller up grading, schools, etc. with the tax dollars we spend on foreign adventures/wars. Fuck the rest of the world, let them handle their own affairs. Treat them in the same manner they will treat the US. And like I said, if we do offer aid, offer it on pro quid pro basis only.
  3. Ok, but so what? Let Russia, which with their economy doubtful, or China come in, spend their money for the build up/support of bases here. Let the locals get a taste, if they think the US looked down on them, of how those two countries view them, specially the Chinese. They think fish are expensive now? Wait until their Chinese brothers get done straining the waters around the PI.
  4. Not trying to belittle the PI here, but let's be honest. Why would the US have the CIA assassinate the leader of some 3rd rate banana Republic thousands of miles from it's shores and that is no longer a strategic asset as when Clark/Subic were viable? Cuba was a bit different, some big US companies located/invested there, big US naval base, only 90 miles from US, at that time Communism was a viewed as the "Boogy Man". Think Duterte may be sampling some of the rock he is making war against.
  5. First - I like any of them that appeal to me regardless of age, I am not a "public" snob like you and yr buddy ACBH. Second - pls define thick. Oh yes, I would most definitely rather have a bit to much vice a starved, concentration camp mama like many say they would. But an US or Aussie special, well I shall leave those to those they appeal to and those that continuously post pics on the board of same. Third - and yes, I have been known to roll in the gutter from time to time. I like pussy and if that leads me to the occasional perversion, whom am I to question. :oral sex: At least I am honest, do not get on my high horse and attempt to denigrate those that are true connoisseurs of pussy vice those that only "admit" to the tapping of what they think all the other men will consider princesses and keep in the closet those bowzers they have indulged with. And lastly - who is the one who :beating a deadhorse: with posts the subj of seeing the old hag's video? Perhaps methinks thou protest to much? Next you will be wanting to see sex tapes of Santiago in her hospital bed. :fat belly woman:
  6. Now, now TC. Yr jealousy of not being her partner in the video is unbecoming of you. You should learn to share with grace.
  7. Hey, his country, he is the President supposedly elected by the citizens. If he wants to cut ties with the US, get in bed with China and Russia, his choose. But would suggest he first check with Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, etc. when ruled by USSR, Crimea now since Russia took it, Tibet now ruled by China, and see how they like it. If Duterte thinks he will be anything more than a "house boy" for either he is sadly mistaken. And once either one of those camels are allowed to get a nose under the tent he will look back on the days when he said the US considered the PI as a lackey with fondness.
  8. "As to opening alliances with China and Russia, Duterte said he was referring to economic alliances, not military alliances, with these two countries." And yet there is an article in today's Philippine Star headed "NSC bares new China harassment in Panatag." Duterte's words and the actions of China are just not seeming to be meshing.
  9. Yeah, well all you big money, high tech types best start looking before you leap. Now me, I use the cutting edge of cp design but at the same time it is less likely to blow up:
  10. Yes, passing of a good guy in my book. His head was not stuck up his ass smelling his own shit like so many of today's so called celebrities are. He had a drink now and then, did not rate his advice any better than the next guy's thus kept his opinions for the most part to himself.
  11. It is amazing tho how all these people, are as she stated about her husband "She said that Sebastian was a pedi-cab rider who had been an occasional drug user but had quit" were only recreational users and now were pure as the driven snow. Sorry, but as the old saying goes, you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.
  12. Like the title of this thread. Read's at first like a British titled got killed while minding her own business and got caught in a cross fire by authorities in a drug shoot out. Read all of it and you find she was on the skyline for drug dealing, out on bail and her lauded family were nothing more than glorified crooks.
  13. IMO, based what has been in the papers/on TV, De Lima was in on take for allowing drugs to be dealt out of prisons.
  14. Article in today's newspaper, no lisc. plates until at least 1st qtr '17.
  15. Not going to get in this debate, but do want to bring up a point. This Duterte death squad thing had been on going for yrs, and now they are going to rebring it up? Before they open up this can of worms, why the hell don't they work on the Maguindanao massacre? Seven years now since it happened, half the accused are out on bail, not a day has been spent in court. And yet they are going to mount a "get our President" campaign by digging up/rehashing something that was investigated, recommendations made, only the probable cause for further investigation was made. Office of the Ombudsman closed/terminated the investigation in late '15/early '16. The commission had "one" witness. Not saying that Duterte is not guilty but it sure would be nice if this country finished one thing/anything before going back and reopening something else. Sorry, but IMO this country's priorities are screwed up to the max.
  16. I have gone thru two plate renewals for the car and the bike. No new plate/plate yr sticker for the car, finally got the sticker that you put in yr auto window (some sort of MMDA thing?) about a week ago for this year, have had nothing for the bike for two years now.
  17. 2020? Really? So you are expecting the second coming also?
  18. Ok, can understand this. And perhaps a search of the vehicle in places to hide explosives or wpns. But do not think she would be carrying C4 in her wallet.
  19. And I have another question here. The times I have been stopped at a ck pt, it was simply to show my lisc/paper work. The way I understand it, even here the police cannot just arbitrarily search you/yr possessions at a traffic ck point without permission. Did the have written operation orders, as I understand they are supposed to, spelling out exactly what they were doing? Were they searching all stops person's/possessions, and if not, what justification do they have to search just her's? And as I am sure she knew she had the shabu in her wallet, why would she give them permission to search? Something about this incident is starting to have a bit of odor about it.
  20. Tks for this video Fred, I watched it all the way thru.
  21. A shame. A group of men that believe in loyalty, honor, fulfilling their word, that come from a true harsh life of hardship. And due to monetary reasons have to be disbanded. Whilst our young people need "safe spaces" on their college campuses in order to live in their "harsh" environment, take to the streets chanting for our police to be killed and fried like bacon. The world is truly non believable nor understandable place.
  22. Yeah, I opened Yahoo Currency Converter and saw that P47/1 and wondered how the hell it jumped so much in so little time. But an hour later rechecked and was brought back to earth.
  23. Have heard nothing about this on the local TV news nor in the papers. The date on this story is 3 Sept. If this were really true, would be in international papers also and can you imagine the flight cancellations being made by all those church groups? As stated by other posters, believe this to be a bit of satire or wishful thinking.
  24. And just what part of them did you eat? :oral sex:
  25. Damn, need to send this to Donkey. Employment for him could be just a hop, skip and jump away.
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