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  1. Human rights? What about the rights of the humans than live in many parts of Chicago or Detroit that the bangers are denying? Or the police gunned down? Oh, I'm sorry, the US has gone max PC, rights of the accused overshadow the rights of their victims. They are just poor, misunderstood, deprived individuals whose existence has been stunted by that nasty white privilege. Foolish me.
  2. Guess they better never peruse this site and some of the pic threads then.
  3. Well, at first I was wondering if someone was not posting about his latest escapades, but then I saw the guy was too skinny.
  4. WTF? I know in the US most police departments have roll call inspections. So how the hell would this guy's Sgt. not know he did not have his weapon? Only in the PI.
  5. Really wish you would not mention my GF's looks in yr posts. Hard enough keeping all the dogs away, tho her necklace of pork chops might have something to do with that, but now with you posting her physical sexual allure, well...............
  6. How convenient. Well, at least the PNP won't have to make up excuses for this guy's actions and the judicial system will not have to spend the next 15 yrs sitting on the case before they just forget about it, charges are withdrawn, witnesses are all dead, or heaven forbid, it actually made it to a court room. And it saves the PNP from paying his salary for all that time, whilst he commits a few more acts such as defending himself from a dangerous traffic violation perp trying to take the policeman's gun when his hands are handcuffed behind him.
  7. I do agree that the PI legal system sucks. As you stated, people are in jail for many years before a verdict, even a trial, is given. Look at the Maguindanao massacre, as far as I know not one of the charged has even seen the inside of a court room, many of the accused are out on bail, and yet all those dead have long since rotted away. If you are charged with something, have money/influence, the system just delays and delays until it is forgotten about, with you meanwhile out on bail living the good life. But if you are penniless/without influence, you rot in jail for years with no trial, whilst those judges sit on their hands and the dead snail pace of court proceedings drag on and on with little end in sight.
  8. See, I really have to get my head out of the gutter. All I read at first was Clark/airport/head. So I quickly went to the topic to find out where at the Clark airport could a passenger get a BJ.
  9. Yep, wish to hell the US would withdraw from the UN. Let China and Russia have the organization and see where that gets the rest of the world. A few nations such as GB, Australia, NZ, US, Germany, S. Korea, Taiwan, and any other nation that would pull their financial weight based on their GNP, form their own organization, where one country such as Russia or China cannot block the wish of the vast majority of it's members.
  10. Is he not right tho? Are not certain foreigners the ones bringing the worst of the crime to the PI? Chinese, Korean, Mexican syndicates/cartels/organized crime? I am not in anyway taking his remarks being directed to the majority of foreigners such as those on boards such as this one. The participation in P4P, even the use of money on poor people to induce them to camsex, porno films, even sexual predators like pedophiles are nothing more than a grain of sand at the beach. While yes, inducing poor people into sexual debauchery thru the use of money, due to the fact they have little chance of gaining money otherwise, is not exactly at the top of the list of activities to get us into heaven, it pales to the selling of drugs which entails these same people to "give up money" vice thru sex gaining money. And as they have no money to begin with, to get money for drugs they turn to crime/selling of themselves or their family members for the nefarious use of people such as ourselves. Just some thoughts that ran thru my pea brain whilst perusing this topic.
  11. And while I agree that the PI political system is one of the worst, I know of very few countries where the political system is not a nest of/for corruption. The US being in the middle of that list. While I can not speak to Duterte's goals to reforming this system, I can see that by cutting off the head of the snake, the drugs that furnish so much of the money towards the corruption of politicians, perhaps this will flush out many of those type of politicians when their main source of corruption gets cut off. For then their sources of payola will come from mainly inside the country which will be easier to catch them at. Of course this assumption is based on Duterte actually wanting to stamp out as much of this corruption as he can in 6 years. And even if he does, with the back ground of PI politics, would this course hold the line with the election of the next Pinoy president, or will the system go right back to the same old status quo?
  12. Glad I am not coming back from a ride north.
  13. No. As this did not occur in a personal way to me/mine, if possible I would turn him in for trial and let the law take it's course. But IMO he is for sure culpable based on his actions. "Culpability generally implies that an act performed is wrong but does not involve any evil intent by the wrong doer. The connotation of the term is fault rather than malice or a guilty purpose. It has limited significance in Criminal Law except incases of reckless homicidein which a person acts negligently or demonstrates a reckless disregard for life, which results in another person's death."
  14. Would say the following insinuates a bit more than "guilt by association". "After he heard a shot, Wood entered the store to help Reneau steal a cash box, safe and security video system."
  15. I agree the the majority of yr post but will make a few comments on the above. As to the lack of morals, compassion, remorse, while many Filipinos exhibit the lack of these traits, there are those, specially in the provinces, that do in fact exhibit them. Yes, I have seen countless times the lack of but I have also seen them exhibited. And when you are scrambling hard just to feed yrself/family with little chance of future betterment it can make on a bit callous to the plight of others. And the thing here also is what role model does the average Filipino have to follow? Their pillars of society/leaders show none of those traits as well, most are just out for themselves will little if any thought to their fellow citizens in the way of furnishing education or meaningful employment that would allow their employees to live any decent type of life. As to Duterte focusing on a so called "easy fix" problem, then why did his predecessors not fix the problem previously? Well, yr post touched on it, lack of empathy by the so called county's leaders, and if the problem had been fixed would have meant a lot less money in the pockets of some of these same so called leaders. Example does not generally start from the bottom up, if usually filters from the top down, and until this country gets more than just the occasional Pinoy that has genuine concern for his/her county/countrymen the PI shall continue on it's present course. While I do not condone/agree fully in the way Duterte is going about his actions, at least he is attempting to make a difference in the right direction. This country is so screwed up in so many ways as you said it will take many generations to put in on any kind of right track. And this new course is going to entail the country's so called leaders to show a honest example and is going to call for some tough actions, the course of which will not always be perfect. Just my thoughts. And I agree with Libang, this course will probably start causing the demise of cheap LBFM's and be a cause of sorrow for many upstanding foreign mongers. Thankfully at my age, even if this does ever occur, will not effect moi. :oral sex:
  16. And while Duterte's way may not be the most fair way, IMO it was a way this country needed and about the only way that many of it's "honest" citizens would take heed too. I also very much agree with: " He complained that the UN is zeroing in on his administration’s drug campaign when it was quiet on mass killings in other countries." N. Korea, China, Iran, ISIS, Afghanistan, Boko Haram, etc. Just to rattle off a few. When the no balled UN gets off its ass and starts speaking out/doing something about a lot more problems than what Duterte is up to, then maybe I can let myself take them a bit seriously. Until then, IMO the UN is a balless, ineffective, usless, corrupt money pit. Like throwing yr coins down a well. Get about the same result.
  17. Well hell, guess I am just a Capt Save a Ho when it comes to the strays here. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. 2 of the cats were stray kittens. All my cats/dogs have been fixed so no progeny shall be forth coming. But I see the way many Pinoy's treat their supposed pets and the amount of strays roaming the streets. IMO the better answer than deleting the strays thru action would be to educate the Pinoy as to what his responsibilities are if he is going to take an animal into his keeping, and this does not entail any sort a the use of cages/staking out, and then eliminate the Pinoys that do not follow said education. Just like what is presently being done to the drug community. A dog or a cat is what is referred to as a dumb animal and if left to it's own devices will act as it's nature deems it to. IMO the human that takes one of these animals into it's keeping and treats it in the manner many Pinoy do, is dumber than the animal. Specially since most of the Pinoy that are the cause of strays have trouble feeding themselves/families and have no business taking an animal into their household. Animals are no different than babies. Both need training and discipline. And a prime example of the lack of such may be found in the happenings in the US presently. Ok, that is my rant for the day.
  18. And as a bit of a OT side note here, any of you out there that have started to ride a bike in the PI and may not have a lot of riding experience under yr belt, here or else where, always be aware of any live stock close to the road, dogs, cats, carabao, Pinoy's, etc. And in a collision situation, unless you really have a chance to slow way down and avoid, best to just straighten yr bike and meet head on. I have hit a couple of dogs here this way, just a bump, maintained control and carried on. Had a friend hit a water buffalo and he ended up with a broken leg and other serious abrasions. Of course with something that large you will probably end up with a serious hurt regardless of what you do if you cannot slow way down before impact(?). Again, just be aware at all times of possible encroaching items be prepared to take the best action. Which in many cases is to just meet it head on vice maneuvering and ending up a bug on the bumper of oncoming traffic or smashing into a roadside establishment. Another pet peeve of mine, the building of establishments right up to the edge of the road.
  19. A few things here: First, as a do-gooder, you put yrself in situations that things like this occur. Comes with the territory. You are not going to the Big Rock Candy Mtn when you go out to do charity work for people in 3rd worlds, who for the most part will take yr charity today and butt fuck you, unlubed, tomorrow. Second, foreign aid volunteers need to start realizing the day of their having white skin and being immune to things like this has past. The 3rd country world no longer gives a big rat's ass what color you are. Thus fun is for the taking. And as PC is in, doing something about it is no longer an option. Basically today's Teddy Roosevelt's have been told to shove their big stick up their ass. Third, IMO anyone stupid enough to go to a area such as the Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, N. Korea, etc. for a vacation, well................ like my favorite greatest philosopher would say "Stupid is as stupid does". As for the UN helping anyone .......
  20. Hmm. Haven't seen Barfiner posting lately.
  21. Hmm. Wonder what they did whilst sitting tight and waiting for the rescue party?
  22. That has been tried here, and I and many locals would not go along with it. Better they just round off their prices to the next piso, but then with many locals P.25 or .50 diff can be a deal breaker.
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