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  1. This has been adhered to more and more in the larger establishments the last couple of years. I see that in my coin jar that I count up and deposit about every 2/3 months. Getting a lot more P.05/.10./25's. It used to be for the main that if yr change was P.49 or less, the store kept it, P.50 or more they gave you the next higher full piso. Couple of times tho, specially if I was feeling gnarly, if my change was supposed to be P.50 or more but they gave me the next lowest full piso, I would throw the dummy. Always got settled to my benefit tho. Some expats would ask why pitch a bitch for P.50? Well, told them to figure how many customers went thru places like SM, Robn's, S&R, etc., daily, and if the store kept 1/2 of the P.50's/above how much that would inflate their monthly bottom line. Fuck'em, my money regardless how little it is, I want it.
  2. Rioting/burning/looting: all this occurs in the neighborhoods of the rioters. The neighborhood loss of businesses/facilities/which then equals their neighbors now not having a job/the neighborhood looking like a war zone/no businesses moving into the neighborhood thus the area declines further that it already is. Guess you cannot beat the impeccable reasoning behind the riots that then result in the above.
  3. Yes. Even in the military ignorant comments are made by personnel. I got in a fight with a Warrant Officer that was in a bass club with me because he got drunk, we had a few words, he made a comment about my "Chink" wife. Ignorance knows no bounds. But on the thought process of the Oriental vs that of the Occidental, IMO there is a great diff. And while both find their thought processes natural to themselves, to the other they can be a bit strange at times. And no, I am not judging, just saying. :beer chug:
  4. Sometimes you just have to wonder at the thought process of not only the Pinoy, but in spending time in many SE Asian countries, the Oriental in general. Even the Japanese, who IMO have their shit packed fairly tight compared to many Orientals.
  5. Hell, the US has had Presidents admit to puffing MJ, but according to them they didn't inhale. And along that line there have been Presidents that said they lusted but only in their heart and that getting a BJ was not having sex.
  6. Donkey speaks pretty good Thai for only being there a short time.
  7. And that my friends, or otherwise, is the reason ST hotels are in existence. Be no way I would bring a ST to my abode as evidently some do. Regardless if I had a SO or not. And I agree, the hooker was only preforming her choice of employment, the husband was the one who retained her, no reason the be busting on the poor girl, the wife should have pulled a Bobbitt on the husband instead if she felt the need for action.
  8. PC run amok! Libang, I thought the US was tripping but yr country seems to be showing the rest of the world how to do it.
  9. Everyone always busts on Thi-Hi? I have had 3 BF's out of there over the years and the oldest was 23, which for me is younger than my normal preference. Yes, they do have elderly females in there, and actually I have been tempted to BF more than one of the Geritol brigade. :oral sex:
  10. So does this mean we should start to see 40+ yrs old dancing in the bars now?
  11. Yeah, it took me several readings and head scratching's before I think I figured out what they were trying to saying. I eventually just used Pinoy logic (is there such a thing?) and then realized what they may be saying.
  12. I am lost here. In the US if you make a 911 call, yr number appears on the 911 operator's computer. Thus if the call gets interfered with they can still dispatch a unit to that address. If they did that here, a few Duterte style "solutions" would put a screeching halt to the prank call practice.
  13. So we should just let them run over us? Nope. And that is one reason I do not have my retirement deposited to a bank here in the PI. She fucks me, her money ends and she has no way of getting hold of it from my bank in the US. Also, I have seen some of the psychos a number of expats let themselves get involved with here. And I would poke them with a stick, like a snake hunter uses his snake stick to keep the reptiles at bay.
  14. In a way I can't blame the people for going along with this. Look at the justice system here, it takes eons to get any kind of ruling from a court and if you have any money/know the right people, you can get away with anything. Big shots simply leave the country, eventually everything is forgiven and they just come back and take up where they left off. And the SC sticks their nose in everything, overturning lower court decisions in a rate I have never seen. Don't even know why they have the lower courts.
  15. Well, if I was a girl and got a gander at him before he saw me................. :running away: Just saying. And as for her wanting to still keep up their relationship, I am sure she does. With him in the Netherlands and her in China, keeping in contact via WU, Paypal, etc.
  16. Well, if this passes I can see one less Pinay having a job. Cause I will let my maid that has been working for me for 11 yrs go. She can go work for Sotto. But I would think this would possibly do a few things: First, like me people would be letting employee's go. Second, wages would become lower in order to make up for this 14th month pay. Third, salary increases would be stopped until what would normally have been given makes up for the 14th month. Just another politician mouthing something he knows will probably not get passed so he can show case himself as a "Peoples Champion".
  17. Speaking of which, anybody know where Barfiner is? Have not seen him post lately. Could this guy possibly be................ ahh, naw, probably not.
  18. Hmm. I have an alternate theory here, in that she spurned and would not put out for some homeboy so he offed her and then to cover it up accused her of being a drug dealer. I mean if some guy(?) can shot someone, including two insurance times, just cause they lost a fist fight, from what I have seen in this life, spurned affections could elicit even a stronger reaction.
  19. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/road-rage-killer-nabbed-masbate-000000926.html?nhp=1 He looks like something some of the mongers that go to Thailand are interested in.
  20. Hope both TGP and the guy from there that did the erroneous reporting get their asses sued off. :walking dick:
  21. And the sad thing is, stupid things like this just cannot be made up.
  22. I do not understand the system here. In most countries you have to work yr way up from local courts to Federal Appeals courts. And in the US, even if you finally reach the SC, there is no guarantee they will even hear yr petition. They reject and return a lot more petitions to the lower courts for dispensation than they hear. In this country it seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry that has some inane problem immediately submits it to the SC.
  23. Problem with this is by the time it opens, most likely the worms will have devoured me.
  24. And while I agree with you that this is a scam, anybody that goes to a foreign country and plans on doing something such as driving and does not check into the requirements prior to getting to that country or after getting to the country but before doing the action, well...................
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