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  1. From all the girls in AC, they caught ONE! girl, wow, what an amazing super highly sophisticated detective work! Someone should give a special reward to that fuck shit 32 years old officer, who probably had something in particular with the girl he arrested... Merry Xmas.
  2. Fucking world, i hope there's a death penalty for that.
  3. They should consider themselves lucky for not being shot on the spot.
  4. It's an important step of making Clark as a useful secondary airport in the country.
  5. Here comes the new Marcos... I wonder if DU30's wife like shoes also...
  6. What a complete idiot, let's see how smart ass he will be when he will wake up sober...
  7. You keep on reading in the 'other boards' how so many proudly describe their BB experience, and that PI is so easy to go BB, so what you can expect...
  8. I just hope that every time he will say Putin, he will not get confuse and continue with ina mo
  9. I was there for a week as a tourist, and it was really nice and friendly. I guess any place you live and stay for a long time, has a total different looks and feel. Still, i would love to go back to Cebu
  10. I've seen this once in the Philippines, how the local took one of his dog, drowned him in the ocean, skinned him, and cooked him for dinner, like it's a normal dinner making, in daylight, to the happy sounds of the kids around...
  11. The death penalty is too good for him, just keep him in jail for the rest of his life, and make sure that all inmates will know exactly who he is and why he's there.
  12. What become of this world, you can't use escort service operated in the internet by 3 country fellows and their local Pinays friends without being busted... Not enough Korean bars in AC that they had to go all the way to Cebu?
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