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  1. Babe - Iceland? No Bacground Iceland: No Pay 5k/month: No
  2. That bridge needs to be built super fast if completed under his watch me thinks...
  3. Man loses RM3,000 to prostitution scam via WeChat KUALA LUMPUR: A 38-year-old man thought he had found his dream girl on Facebook, but instead he was swindled out of almost RM3,000. The man, who only wants to be known as Low, came across a Facebook profile supposedly belonging to a woman by the name “Ann Ann” in June. He then added her on WeChat on July 23. As they got to know each other, Ann Ann revealed that she was a prostitute and offered her services for RM600 a night, to which Low agreed. She requested Low to share an image of his MyKad to ensure he was not from the police. Low was then asked to meet Ann Ann at a convenience store at a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 11 at 7pm. However, she failed to show up. Ann Ann, when contacted on WeChat, requested Low to purchase RM600 worth of MOL (Money Online) Points as advance payment and to send the receipts via WeChat. Following that, Low was asked to pay another sum of RM2,000 for “risk management”. He later banked in the money and was later on requested to pay another sum of RM3,000 as insurance fee (to ensure the customer is not a cop or enforcement officer). Ann Ann’s “manager”, a man believed to be a foreigner (from China), who arranged for the payments said the RM5,000 (risk management and insurance payments) were refundable after their night out. However, due to limited funds, Low bought RM300 worth of MOL Points again. At one point, Ann Ann even told Low that she could recommend an “Ah Long” (loan shark) to arrange for the money. When Ann Ann didn’t appear and could not be contacted, Low realised he had been taken advantage of, and refused to make further payments. Low then received multiple calls from a private number by the “manager” who threatened to break his leg if he refused to settle the full sum and threatened to reveal his details to his family. Fearing for his safety, Low lodged a police report and reached out to MCA Public Complaints Bureau chief Datuk Seri Michael Chong to make a complaint. “I’m aware of such scams online. But, Ann Ann appeared to be very attractive and I couldn’t resist. Throughout the period, I’ve not met Ann Ann, nor have I spoken to her on the phone,” Low said, adding that he got excited upon seeing her photographs on Facebook. Chong said warned Malaysians to not get taken in by such ploys. “These are scams and many young people have fallen trap to such ploys. I believe there are many more victims out there. They must come forward and lodge police reports,” he told reporters at Wisma MCA here today.
  4. Bedroom sports may be the only sports where I'm faster than average then...
  5. ANGELES CITY – The Filipino-Chinese businessman kidnapped by bonnet-wearing men in Bgy. Malabanias here was released by his abductors before dawn yesterday. Charlie Kho, co-owner of the NCR Hardware and other businesses here, was reportedly left unharmed by still unidentified kidnappers at the back of the city-owned Ospital Ning Angeles in Pampanga village. He was fetched by his family around 3 a.m. yesterday. Police officials, however, were mum on reports that ransom was paid to secure the businessman’s release. http://www.journal.com.ph/news/provincial/abducted-fil-chinese-trader-freed
  6. And nobody made any money awarding this job to a Dutch company.
  7. One small area, still plenty around. No reason to worry yet mate.
  8. In another town a dude was fined for farting next to a cop GRAZ, Austria – An Austrian man has been fined £45 (about R562) for farting while being questioned by cops. Police in Graz said the laughter of passersby humiliated them, giving them grounds to book Hansi Sporer (20) under local anti police abuse laws. “This was no accident. He clearly intended to make a joke out of the cops and deserved what he got,” said one cop. The Safety and Security Act allows cops to issue instant fines to people who insult or attack them. But Sporer’s lawyers argued that his outburst had been accidental, saying: “This was an abuse of a serious law intended to protect cops from serious attacks by the public, not some trivial incident.”
  9. Got news for you Lady: Ripping pages from an official document like a passport makes you a criminal!
  10. A lot of bathroom cleaning going in that place
  11. Could have been a real Hayday if they stopped in Greenhills on their way to Dau.
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