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  1. I'm sure back in 2010 & perhaps before then, the Koreans were assigned a PNP station up Friendship way, to look after them. Did it turn to shit?
  2. Fordy, it's fcuked up mate, but it's a sign of the times....Taking out one element of attack, isn't a bad thing IMO. Disabling telecommunications, won't stop Islamic terrorists from carrying out a mission,....should they have one? Fingers crossed, there's no trouble.
  3. I wanted to do the same as him too (with a kids parents), a few weeks ago. Instead, I told the parents to get the kid away from the conveyor, or else I can't be responsible if he gets hit whilst I get my 30kg bag. Why the fuck do the locals swarm to the conveyor, instead of everyone standing a few metres away, & then going for their luggage, when they see it? Aaaarrrgghhhhhhh It appears Mr Japanese businessman, shouldn't have bragged about his wealth either......lol
  4. In December, I had no problems getting a meter taxi, after arriving at T4. I told the driver my destination & we started off. 20 secs down the road, I told him to turn on his meter. Sir it's p300 ok?......I'm like..No it's not ok......I'll pay you meter plus p30...I live here blah blah blah......he said make it p50 extra.....I met in the middle at p40......The fare was p125 to Ermita. 2 days ago I flew into T3 from Sydney @ 7pm. I must have been approached by at least 10 touts, offering me their inflated gouging prices....I ignored them & headed to the white meter taxi area. I got in the long queue........After having 2 cigarettes & standing in the same spot for 20 mins. I decided to do a head count....There was approx. 60 people lined up. A taxi would appear at best, maybe one every 2 mins.......I estimated I'd be waiting for an hour or so. I'm texting friends, I'm gonna be late etc. Another tout approached me & said p300 to Malate, sharing with one other passenger............Hot & sweaty, I took the deal. The guy took me & the girl, up to the stairs which approach the main road........this guy didn't have a car........the rort is, taxi drivers circle around the top of the stairs, as they know touts bring em punters, & they can overcharge. I'm guessing the tout got p200 commission, & the driver p400 for what would've been a p140-150 trip. Of course I'm not helping the problem, by using the touts.......but I wasn't prepared to spend any more time in the queue. I downloaded Grab the other day, but I'm yet to put in my payment details......I'll do it soon, as I don't wanna deal with the Airport cabbies/touts again.
  5. Cheers mate, that was good to watch. The reporter certainly had access to all areas. Id forgotten about Matobato till he was in this vid.
  6. Telstra Australia pulled out of 1 yr. talks, here in the PI earlier this year...However, that was under the previous administration. They were gonna invest $1Billion + in new ventures here. They pulled out from the deal & the CEO said........ Telstra couldn't get the risk-reward balance right....Telstra shares also rose after the announcement in May. I have no idea how good/bad Chinese & Russian Telcos are Telstra has the marketshare in Oz......they seem to have their shit together.
  7. Catfish, maybe they came in under the previous administration?....lol Pres. Duterte still has a long way to go too. After seeing/reading about Kerwin Espinosa's & Ronnie Dayan's testimonies, there's still a few high level peeps who need to be dealt with. Pres. Duterte opened a huuuge can of worms & it's certainly a much higher magnitude, than what he could've ever expected.
  8. That's gotta be a fucking huge call centre. I wonder how 1,240 of them, could illegally enter the country unnoticed?
  9. How about cracking down on defective & unregistered vehicles & unlicensed drivers now? That'd clear up congestion.
  10. As a non "green" smoker, I'd have insisted to be blood tested.
  11. Considering RD is in China now, & that's where the fireworks are made....this backflip comes as no surprise.
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