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  1. Yes really. Didn't understand my point or chose to be be a smartass even though you did? It's sometimes difficult to tell with mindless people who spruik puerile agendas and truly believe they are intelligent... but in your case it's obvious. If you knew half of what you think you do, you would be ten times more intelligent than you really are. I'm done here because of morons like you. See ya.
  2. I've got bad news for you, "the US taxpayer" can't even pay the interest, let alone the debt.
  3. By the time the figures come out for Jan 2017 it will be more like 2 1/2 times.
  4. I bet more than 3 died from fireworks or not looking before walking onto the road. Stupid kills far more than nature. Sorry for those who had a horrible xmas.
  5. Maybe people who care more about who isn't being inaugurated. Partisan politics is for the naive.
  6. Well, there goes half of his yearly earnings. Seriously...fair enough if he wants to take a stance on something he knows nothing about except the for BS propaganda touted by the current admin. I like his music from 30 yrs ago a lot, but really? All these has-beens sucking Manila as it's the only place that will pay coz it's on their videoke list? Far too much uneducated political bullshit going on nowadays . IMHO of course. ,
  7. Maybe to dilute the number of shitheads. Through all of his policies, Dirty is trying to make the PI APPEAR to be a 21st century country without addressing the factors that tether it to being a 19th century culture. Unfortunately nobody ever comes up with a way to create prosperity throughout the population which would diminish the number of "shitheads". Why? Because the rich want the poor to be poor. It makes the morally bereft rich FEEL good to look down on others. The orchestrated non-education system is a perfect example of ensuring generations of shitheads. They are modern humans in appearance only, not substance. The rich here mostly got rich through corruption or exploitation. It's the underlying cause in every third world nation. Greed and ego. The poorer most are, the richer they feel and those with the power to change it do everything they can to keep it exactly that way...and always will. Maybe, just maybe, Dirty believes he is doing the right thing, but the problems reside in far different places than the ones he is targeting. Unfortunately, I think he is just being PI culturally consistent in showing he is just another rich Pinoy with power making the 95% look like "shitheads" to make the rich cum in their pants from a euphoric feeling of superiority while making himself look good. So next time, think a second or two before berating a shithead for doing whatever they can to survive. It's really not their fault. They've never had or known of any other option. I wish I were wrong.
  8. Pretty sure it will become one after a a few thousand that didn't see it as one are pushing up kankong.
  9. A bridge from Guimaras to Iloilo is about as important as a bullet train from AC to Subic on the priority list of a 3rd world country...but it's good to see that the people in charge of this place are as fucking stupid as they ever were and we are assured of cheap(ish) young pussy for a long, long time to come.
  10. Indeed. I have a feeling Dirty knows exactly what he is doing. Talking tough to the US to impress China and Russia. This stuff is all about the shoal wrangle and he is banking on them being FAR more important to the US, China and Russia than they are to the PI. He's right, and he's gonna milk it for MUCH more than what it's worth. Never underestimate the wiles of a Pinoy.
  11. The overwhelming majority of well-run businesses I have dealt with here are Chinese/Chinese Filipino owners. Maybe that doesn't say much.
  12. They're just being Pinoy mate. Try on anything... then back-pedal like hell if it doesn't wash. Dirty is just playing a con to see what he can get from who. The main event hasn't started yet, wait and see.
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