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  1. Cheaper alternatives provided by 3rd world companies with absolutely no respect for hygienic food production and cool chain procedures whose only thought is maximum profit. The product was probably frozen, thawed and frozen again any number of times from harvest to the end user. Like a LOT of shit imported here as well. Big surprise. The buyer deserves what it costs them after now feeding shit like this to their customers.
  2. Guess I should have highlighted this word the first time.
  3. Funny that. These days your so-called "normal world" only gives a fuck if they can make a buck out of it. The shit DU is bringing has no REAL adverse affect on that. On the contrary, I think the piso will strengthen on the appearance of stability, guidance and show of order... not historically attributed to the PI . Time will tell.
  4. So true. Don't get me wrong with this but... DU is no different to all his other countrymen in that he will take on the easiest task that provides the most fanfare. Although they are the unchallenged world-leaders in the drama queen stakes, countless numbers of their own people being murdered without trial or proof is really water off a duck's back to them. They will put on a great show of hurt, caring, pride and righteousness in any given situation, but in reality they really don't give a fuck about anything that doesn't benefit them... and mostly in the "right here and right now". They as a people have no morals, compassion or remorse. And those are their good points. It's not their fault! It's all they know. We've all seen it countless times. If you haven't...then you either haven't spent much time here or are blind to it. As Libang said, there are a number of extremely important problems that need addressing here, namely education and employment. Those problems are far too complex to be solved by the worlds best economic minds, let alone someone who would be elected to be the head of the PI. What comes first in a place like this where the vast majority of people who fill employment are uneducated, untrained and uninterested in being anything more? Education or jobs? An education of astonishing inadequacy or jobs where no skills or abilities are required or even desired? Jobs that people are hired to do without any abilities whatsoever, no training given and no expectation of loyalty, performance or pride of workmanship. The whole thing is a fucking mess! But it is so intrinsically Filipino. A so-called "college degree" (what a joke) is required to be employed serving in the big companies on a 6 month contact coz they don't want to pay penalty rates. WTF is that? Ohh yeah, let's employ people, not train them and then boot them before they cost too much. That will work, nobody will notice coz they are the same, except the poringers, but who cares what they think..the arrogant assholes. The education and employment problem is "the people". They don't understand, appreciate, vaunt or reward excellence! What can you do with that? Nothing. Fixing that is a 4 or 5 generation program that is just not going to happen here. Ever. DU is working on a problem that is relatively easily fixed in a place like this which will allow him to install martial law and be the richest Pinoy since Ferdinand. I miss golf. Maybe you should come play too Libang so you can stop worrying about shit that will never change here.
  5. Or a little bowl of engine coolant additive. They like that too.
  6. You either have a very high electric bill or very low tastes mate.
  7. The government doesn't make the other things we all pay vat on either.
  8. Yeah, that's the way. Don't go after the thieves that run the supply that are Mr Aquino's constituents and relatives, just reduce govt income to make it look like you're doing something good. Dickheads.
  9. I've been saving my first use of this emoticon for exactly the right occasion and here it is.
  10. Rule #1 in storytelling. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Pinoys are the masters.
  11. Another day in the US lately. Shit has gotten way out of hand in the last several years. It's really about time you guys concentrated on sorting out your own shit instead of sticking your noses in everyone elses shit to make a living. The world needs a US that helps...not this one, it only makes things worse.
  12. For sure and I doubt that inaccuracy is anywhere near as telling as the accuracy of the figures they "chose" to publish. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, is as it seems here.
  13. Yeah poor bugger. He probably drew the PI gig because of the vast number of gays here and their acceptance, then the Prez picks on him. Pun intended BTW.
  14. Of course not and i'm pretty sure you know me better than that. But knowing which animal you can poke and how to poke them is an acquired skill that needs to be learned before you can go around poking things. It seems the majority of guys that get into the stupid shit they do here don't understand this and\or are not very good at acquiring the skillsets needed to survive here.
  15. The lesson for all poringers who come here? Do not poke animals with a stick.
  16. Donk ain't scared of no stinkin' warning points.
  17. Why wouldn't they...it has worked for other countries.
  18. Shouldn't be much of a problem at all me thinks. The first bigwig he knocks off should net enough pesos to fund the promised pay raise with leftovers to share amongst the boys. No need to include it in the budget.
  19. 2.1% of one's GDP is far less than 3.5% is it not? The monetary amount is irrelevant, the effect is the %age. I mentioned the GDP coz you said " they are spending a large part of their GNP to build up their armed forces", but they spend a far smaller portion of what they make than the US does. If you add in the .6% that the US spends on retired pensions it becomes 4.1% of GDP, which is basically double %age wise of their GDP than what China is spending. I'm not bashing anything mate, just having a conversation and seeing that the US is the one who wants to argue with China about this crap then they are the obvious comparison. I made no assertion of good or bad, just stating facts. And as far as USians getting on here and bashing Australia, you must be joking. it's seemingly one of their favourite pastimes. BTW, it's not correct to mention the name of the one whom we don't speak of.
  20. In these military and political threads I post what I think will happen without bias, which bears no resemblance to what I would like..because that means absolutely nothing at all in reality.
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