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  1. And I believe that is exactly what China wants and what will happen. They're not looking for ownership of the PI or world domination(yet), they want to broker a deal for the resources in the area and don't want to be pushed around. If the world continues as it is they will be the ones doing the pushing later. Inevitable.
  2. That scenario doesn't bother me one bit mate, I believe the PI would be much better-off as an Asian influenced nation than as the failure it is as a could-be/would-be/wanna-be Western society. They are the extreme example of Asian social and economical anti-evolution and are better-off being left to washing with a bucket and tabo and eating rice.
  3. Sadly, Duterte's method of fighting the drug menace, or any of the other huge problems here, is probably the only way to get it done in this country but equally sad is that we know it won't be done anywhere near truly.
  4. Pinoys are gonna love this guy. Fair enough Sammm, and the US can add the $193M PI aid to the $1.3B it gives to Israel instead.
  5. That's a huge leap, I can't recall seeing any Chinese claims to international sea-lanes or airspace. I guess they could do it for the purpose of provoking a world war but I doubt that's their mission.
  6. I was referring to the viability of anyone trying to actually run a business in this country when the palace gives the employees of retail distributors and their suppliers "a day off" with 1 day and 5 hours notice, regardless of some religious codswallop. A perfect example of boundless PI immaturity.
  7. They'll run before they arrive there, probably won't even leave Manila.
  8. Announce on monday that wednesday is a holiday. Unfuckingbelieveable.
  9. Conservative liberalism is a variant of liberalism, combining liberal values and policies with conservative stances, or, more simply, representing the right wing of the liberal movement. Like I said Gary: "They use the terminology in an attempt to pretend they are not what they really are"
  10. In OZ conservative liberals are those descended from the Brits that are still clinging onto their origins after almost 250 years because of some self-perceived belief of authority. They use the terminology in an attempt to pretend they are not what they really are. The rest are Aussies. Don't know why the above post f'd up.
  11. Best time for me to get around is when it's raining, they all stay indoors. They're scared they will shrink if they get wet and I love the rain.
  12. It's not a drainage system. A drainage system is designed by hydraulic engineers to dispel excess water. It's a waste transfer system designed by Filipinos. I used to visit Cebu often, it floods very easily, as does most places here.
  13. He got 24 years, hope he dies on the last day the sicko. Jails are supposed to be a place for people to suffer for their being a cunt but unfortunately it costs everyone a lot of money to keep them there. It would make a lot of sense to kill many of the lifers but this cunt is worth every cent of 24 years.
  14. Yup, i'd possibly be moving house and definitely kicking the GF to the kerb.
  15. It will all come out in the wash. They'll be gone soon after Roddy takes the reins.
  16. Big bust. A 3000p buy of ecstasy. Big time dealers? I don't think so. Something smells a lot like anchovy here.
  17. Snap....at the same second. I wonder which guys won't be on the supreme court after july 31. Nah...it couldn't be them, that would be too obvious.
  18. Somebody wants their cut and has the power to go after it before Rod takes the reins. Or is it one of his guys? :basket case:
  19. I lived on an island in Samar for 2 years when I first moved here which had only 5 foreigners living on it. As provincial as it gets. The windows of my house were opened 3 different times while I was away. They couldn't get past the bars but they ingeniously fished out things through them. Some very expensive knives, a camera, a cellphone. The tool kit was stolen from my XR200 the first night after I bought it. 14(IIRC) bags of cement were stolen from my building site. etc, etc. It's the Philippines. No doubt AC is worse than most places but these people are thieves by nature and circumstance.
  20. I don't need to re-read it mate, I even quoted the important part which you restated again above so no need to gatling gun me down. I get the point you are making and agree strongly with it, but you didn't word it very well in this instance so please don't try to insinuate a comprehension inability on my part is to blame. Religious suicide bombers pay the ultimate price for standing up to what they believe in. Ali claimed that the Cong were not his enemy and his manufactured religious beliefs don't agree with killing them. Many times he called Americans his enemy. Would he have killed Americans then based on his bullshit. All just an excuse for not having to either serve Murica or put himself in a place where he may be killed.
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