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  1. Threats, deterrents and recriminations mean nothing here and a maximum of 2 years in jail if his appeal fails is laughable. Duterte's solution is the only way it seems. You can't stop them, so just get rid of them. :basket case:
  2. And was later killed here: http://pirascals.com/board/index.php?/topic/2452-guard-killed-by-rit-gunmen-in-angeles/
  3. I'm not trying to have a go at you Don but i'm guessing you haven't seen a "chicken factory" here. I can't recall ever seeing ANYTHING here done more hygienically or humanely than "in the west" but I would be very, very happy to see something that is. I totally agree that the process is inhumane everywhere.
  4. They treat pets and other animals the same way the people who run this place treat them. I see it every day and don't need to watch the video. It must be genetic by now.
  5. Will be the best day ever to travel anywhere else in Luzon though.
  6. "Some security analysts had expected Clark Air Base and Subic Bay, both former American bases, would be at the top of Washington’s wish-list due to their strategic positions and relatively modern facilities." I'm sure they were but the Pinoys need some " relatively modern facilities" at other bases too. They will be added AFTER the others are upgraded, Pinoys are experts at this type of shit.
  7. Feb 23 Douglas Slade pleads not guilty to child sex offences committed up to 50 years ago A BRISTOL pensioner has denied 15 sex crimes against young boys dating back to the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Douglas Slade, 74, who lived in Knowle West during the time of some of the allegations, spoke only to deny charges of buggery and gross indecency against five boys when he appeared at Bristol Crown Court today. The charges date from between 1965 and 1988, and involve boys who were aged between nine and 15 at the time of the allegations. Charges include six counts of buggery, seven counts of gross indecency and one count of inciting a boy under 14 to commit an act of gross indecency. here are also charges relating to one boy Slade is alleged to have abused over a three-year period. The abuse is said to have begun when the boy was aged 13, in the 1970s. Some of the abuse is alleged to have taken place in Clifton. The pensioner had been living in the Philippines (Angeles City, Pampanga) before he was he was detained by Filipino Immigration Authorities in June and extradited to face allegations made by three complainants. He was arrested on his arrival back in the UK on September 9 and since then, a further two complainants have come forward. Slade is accused of abusing boys who were allegedly passed between members of a paedophile group. Another alleged member of the group, Christopher Skeaping, is also accused of involvement in one of the alleged offences and appeared by video link at the hearing. Slade appeared in a grey jumper and was given the option of sitting down while the long list of allegations was read out. He declined the offer, and stood up, holding on to the dock while the charges were read out. Slade has been remanded in custody and awaits trial.
  8. I'm sure people see many things that aren't real depending on the viewing angle and/or if one is wearing blinkers. Maybe the bigger mistake was allowing them in in the first place? :crazy (1):
  9. Quite a leap there Don, it sounds to me like they are firing a warning to US VFA visitors to behave themselves. How "Islamic terrorism" get's a mention i'll never fathom and believing the US defends anyone that's not to their own advantage is a fairytale. I guess you can make anything look like anything if you want to enough.
  10. Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder and I don't believe anyone can claim to know who "most of us" is or which girl is a better fuck for "most of us". We all have different tastes, some areas suit different people for differing reasons and girls are shit performers for some but give a pornstar performance for others. As for posters here denigrating one area because of a grudge or "vested interest", I believe they are just voicing their opinion as all are entitled and are bigger than that. Personally, Subic never appealed to me although I really wanted it to. A dislike for a business person or a mongering area would definately not stop me from using their hookers if I found them attractive and "attractive" is far more than "looks". To each their own. :thumbs up:
  11. Surely the talent level must have picked up in Subic by now as we were told it was only a lull caused by the christmas exodus.
  12. It's instinctive to look at all poringers like that. They're born that way.
  13. I'd use "that emoticon" again but i'm worried i'll wear it out.
  14. You very conveniently left off definition 2 donk. tis·sue ˈtiSHo͞o/ noun 1. any of the distinct types of material of which animals or plants are made, consisting of specialized cells and their products. "inflammation is a reaction of living tissue to infection or injury" synonyms: matter, material, substance; flesh "living tissue" 2. tissue paper.
  15. This is not about whether paying or not paying ransom demands is right or wrong but if you have a stance against paying how about having the balls to tell them to go and get fucked. These wankers play both ends to make themselves look good. The result will be the same but just maybe the kidnappers will start thinking it ain't worth it in the future. Yeah I know, rock and a hard place.
  16. Looks like a tissue. Same volume, but a different representation.
  17. Because that wouldn't be getting another country involved in their crap.
  18. Maintenance's uglier twin in the PI....stock control.
  19. This is why the PI cannot afford military aircraft. Maintenance? WTF is that? Reactive MaintenanceReactive maintenance (also known as “breakdown maintenance”) are repairs that are done when equipment has already broken down. Reactive maintenance focuses on restoring the equipment to its normal operating condition. The broken-down equipment is returned to working within service specifications by replacing or repairing faulty parts and components. Emergency repairs cost 3 to 9 times more than planned repairs, so maintenance plans that rely on on reactive maintenance are generally the most expensive. Breakdown maintenance is so expensive because shutdowns happen during production runs (instead of pre-scheduled maintenance shutdowns during downtimes); because expedited shipping for spare parts costs much more than regular shipping; and because maintenance staff is often forced to work overtime to repair machinery. Advantages of Reactive Maintenance Lower initial costs – As your systems are new, they require little maintenance so you save on parts and emergency labour. Requires fewer staff – Complex repairs tend to be outsourced reducing the need for internal staff. No planning needed – Technicians repair equipment when it fails. As fails are unpredictable, no time is spent planning the repairs. Disadvantages of Reactive MaintenanceDue to the unpredictable nature of reactive maintenance, there are a number of disadvantages: Difficult to control budgets – As equipment failures can be unpredictable, labour and spare parts may not be readily available so organizations may end up paying a premium for emergency parts shipping, travel time and out of hours support. Shorter life expectancy of assets – Reactive maintenance does not keep the systems running in optimal “as new” condition. Over time, systems that have been maintained deteriorate faster so don’t maximize their initial capital cost investment. Safety issues – When work is scheduled, technicians have time to review the standard procedures and safety requirements to complete the job correctly. Technicians tend to take more risks when maintenance work is reactive as they are under pressure to get systems running without delay. Time consuming – Reactive repairs tend to take longer due to a number of factors including time to diagnose, travel time, time to pull parts from stores or emergency order, time to pull correct manuals and schematics etc. Sporadic equipment downtime – planned maintenance can be written into the production schedule whereas unplanned repairs can happen anytime. Also, there is the uncertainty around the length of delay due to the repair. Inefficient use of resources – Technicians spend time running around looking for the correct manuals and schematics, ordering the right parts etc trying to diagnose and fix the issue. Interferes with planned work – Emergency repairs are usually prioritized at the expense of planned work. Planned work may be pushed or cancelled completely. Collateral Damage – A minor issue could quickly into a major system repair. If your engine is low on oil, it could result in a completely seized engine. I personally had a water leak that spilt onto an electronics cabinet, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damaged electronic boards. Indirect costs – Unplanned downtime can lead to late orders if equipment cannot be returned to production in time. This can damage reputations and impact revenues. Repeat issues – Reactive maintenance does the bare minimum to get the system up and running again. If not repaired correctly, the issue could reoccur and cause more downtime. Higher energy costs – If you don’t service your car, it burns more fuel! When equipment is not properly maintained, it uses more energy. Doing simple things like greasing moving parts or changing filters can reduce energy consumption by 15%. When Should Reactive Maintenance Be Used?Reactive maintenance should only be performed on components that are inexpensive, easy to replace, where the failure does not cause collateral damage in the system or where the cost of reactive maintenance is not greater than preventative maintenance. Reactive maintenance is also ideal for business that cannot plan work due to the nature of the industry. An example would be satellite communications. It is too costly to send technicians into space to perform regular preventive maintenance. Reactive maintenance is present in all maintenance strategies because equipment failure can’t be perfectly predicted. Two industry “rules of thumb” say that you should aim for only 20% of your maintenance time to be devoted to reactive maintenance, and that in reality teams spend about 45% of their time doing reactive maintenance. A 2008 maintenance study out of the University of Tennessee paints a rosier picture: out of 217 North American companies, the average company spent only 34% of its maintenance time doing reactive maintenance. .
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