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    Growing old and in disgrace who wants to be remembered for being a nice warm fuzzy guy that did nothing in his live.
    I read a good saying on face book-----Do not live 75 yrs every-year the same I agree 100%

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  1. This site seems to be stuck in the mud bogged down nobody seems to post here why ??? Is it the pandemic the virus we are all so consumed with now. Sadly we all need to support these sites to keep them open I have seen a few fall by the wayside over the years.
  2. No I have one and of 2 minds if to try and sell it at this time been back in Aussie since the end of March I left quick and no time to shut everything down so still paying I guess it is one of the down sides of owning anything. Its not much still paying the maid/cleaner and the Maintence fee every month just have to live with it. In my wildest dreams never thought this would all happen but it did ------
  3. Will there be a fire sale in the Philippines when people try to sell there properties in Angeles City considering the current problems.
  4. beachy

    KL Ekspres

    I like K.L for a visit and as Fordtech said easy to get around town been a few times now enjoy the visits -----
  5. beachy

    KL Ekspres

    Nice report Larry I like the train its a great ride and as you point out cheap you can get your tickets online and just use the bar-code which is a great idea as well so no cash pass hands. And the money changers are at Central as well that is worth remembering ---------
  6. Speeding would not be a factor Filipinos do not speed or text when driving L.O.L.
  7. Any thing I may say here is my own views please do not get your nuts all tied up or offended we are all Adults..

  8. So who do you believe in my view its flip the coin -----
  9. More lies and more lies his lips were moving trying to save his sorry butt -------
  10. Off topic but in the same paper the Inquirer there was article that said 75% of people that die of Cancer here die in pain and agony due to no meds or help for the dying here in the Philippines you have Cancer etc you are toast and no help is given to relieve the pain and suffering to 75% of people.
  11. 104 Million they are joking it could be anything from that figure to 120/130 million the idiots just do not know. I read in the Inquirer a few months ago that a study was done in 2008 and that the average birth rate per year then was I.8 million babies BORN that adds up to close to 20 million in 10 yrs all under 10yrs old. I also read in the same paper the the average age now here is 60% under 25yrs old where these idiots get all there information from is may be from the Bishops trying to paint a picture of steady as she goes just keep fucking and breeding like RABBITS ----
  12. Sad but the scum come out at night and hide in the shadows and prey on their victims 27 and so young and justice will not be done the scum will get away with it to prey on others.
  13. Bring back George Bush let him fix the problem ------
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