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  1. Asked a similar question about 100 people. 1 understood, the rest thought i stir shit.
  2. Experts? I guess a untrained chimpanzee could have found that out.
  3. Hopefully....its enough to live squeezed between a large earthquake fault and the foothills of a volcano. The thought of having a ancient nuclear plant run by Filipino experts on top of that next door is somewhat scary.
  4. Gets even better...he was not only kidnapped in Somalia before, he went back there to retrieve his boat. Seems he was a bit afraid the German Government wont bail him out next time it happens...oh well, im sure they are already on the way with a suitcase of crisp banknotes as we speak.... http://www.thelocal.de/20090518/19345
  5. According to them, Barangay Balibago is "drug free" now. Walk around just for a few minutes, and form your own opinion.
  6. This checkpoint stuff actually amuses me since years. Yes, they are put in "strategical places", which, roughly translated, seems to mean "always the same places". Its important that the strategical place is in the shade, a place to take a piss must be nearby, and of course as soon as it rains a drop or two, there are no criminals around anyway so everybody can go home.
  7. Im glad that i dropped the habit of doing "all nighters" quite some time ago. Now, from a tourist's standpoint, saving $$ all year to have a few weeks of fun...i dont see this to be good news for the "entertainment district".
  8. Dear U.S. of A. ... I love this country, i live in it since almost 20 years... I have been told that i hate the U.S. unlimited times.... But, please...next time, you guys are the first to help this fucked up place, unselfishly put your soldiers in harms way to relief the victims of this country from their pain....think again, if its really really worth it...they elected this guy, dont forget that.
  9. Love it...."i dont want to be the GF of the U.S. any longer...now, i want to be the bitch of China".
  10. Only half of the story...yep, very true. But, i cant remember similar things under any elected administration in the past. Under the current regime, "god-like powers" where given to the PNP, similar to a old wild west movie to sheriffs. Problem is, they are still the same crooked, corrupt officers they where a year or five years ago, and are very happy to abuse those powers given to them at will.
  11. To be honest, his presence is pretty much without personal effect on me. For sure, we tend to hang out with a different bunch of people. The ones im involved with usually get almost a heart attack when they hear they might not be allowed to drink and sing to their hearts' content in the wee hours of the morning, their bf's would have to remove those ear splitting mufflers from their scooters etc. Now, whenever i talk to somebody who doesnt have all their brain between their legs, and usually a bit of cash on the side...things are different. Thing is, i love this 3rd world poophole, and i simply dont want it to change. Its fun, and this man takes a huge chunk out of it. At least, he tries. My motives are certainly biased. I simply do not believe that some 71 y.o comes around, and changes the inner workings of every Filipino. I simply cant think that even one cop or government employee in this country wakes up in the morning, says :"wait, R.D. is the boss now, im no more corrupt from now on", and goes on his merry way. The 5/6 thing... i think the beloved leader got about 16,6M votes in a nation of more than 100M. Whatever it is, fortunately, its not my country. And as Filipinos always say..if we dont like it, we are free to leave. Great for us, i just feel a bit pity for a lot of folks who make this country "different". :beer chug:
  12. I hear ya Fred, Its not that the good man does nothing. But just lets start off with "fix what you can first". The problem he is trying to fix, is..unfixable. Look at Mexico. But, he sure managed to mess up in just 100 days with every country on this planet apart of maybe North Korea, and China which he simply lays down to like a doormat, while pissing off the only country that helped him and his poophole out of shit again and again. He managed to throw one of the strongest currencies in Asia into orbit within 100 days. Not that i (or most of us) are actually complaining about this, but i dont see anything good about that for the "average Dodong". Mining...all this country might have to offer is cheap, unregulated labor, being the armpit of Asia. He fucks it up. I dont hear of any investment from international firms...apart, of course, of our new buddy, China. Yep, he proposed a lot of stuff....teachers, military, police...unfortunately, it is, every time, followed by "walang pera". Yep, he was given the job. But, roughly 5 out of 6 Filipinos never voted for him though. Do we really believe that exchanging the former administrations' friends with his friends (well, mostly, Arroyo's friends) transforms every corrupt pisshead in the country into a upstanding citizen? I didnt see anything really getting better. But lots of great ideas to regulate this country like we would be in the real world, without any of the benefits, of course. :beer chug:
  13. The really amazing thing is that he managed this rating without even once touching on the actual problems of the country like poverty, unemployment, education etc.....i guess every country gets the government it deserves.
  14. So as 85% of those who SURRENDERED actually stopped, all is good now...simply got to bless their little souls....
  15. Im just glad the beloved leader has zero resources that might be harmful outside the borders of his country. Imagine if Pakistan, China or India would have a leader like him.
  16. Its not gonna take long and they will all cry for mama anyway....
  17. Good find, and its good they are off the street..but... A good "female friend" (...) of mine is a "movie star" (...), and gets asked about 10 times a day by various clients from around the world if she could provide young sisters/brothers/relatives etc. Those guys are registered with their credit cards etc., why not put some IJM monkey on there and go after the sick guys who are the actual perps?
  18. Thats what i missed most the last month or so...awesome news about the beloved leader.
  19. Thats what i missed most the last month or so...awesome news about the beloved leader.
  20. If i would know that some day i would have to sit on a stool in the senate and talk shit against the beloved leader i'd prolly inject as much of the stuff as i somehow get hold of straight into my arms from now on.
  21. Its, for sure, well possible....but the only thing she is proven off methinks is her love to have :sex:with her drivers. I agree...but anybody coming up with a story like him in the current environment must have MASSIVE brass balls.
  22. Hard to imagine that the man just has a lively fantasy....i also found his remarks towards the killing of Richard King (owner of Crown Regency Hotels), as well as those regarding the beloved leader's son's drug abuse quite interesting. :drama (1):
  23. Hopefully they also change those horrible CRK-CEB-CRK flying times if they are at it already.
  24. While i think we (as westerners in general) are all a bit sad, maybe even butt hurt by the way things are developing with our "bride to be" Philippines....turning from a kinda boring, long term girlfriend into a 3holer bitch...lets not forget two things... They always come back.... And there is nothing wrong with a good bitch.
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