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  1. Lets see how this pans out. I have a feeling Mr Mamac is gonna get stomped on by the new powerbrokers in AC politiks
  2. I was at the mall here in Australia yesterday and went to the toilets. You have a choice of 5 Male Female Disabled Parents with babies ( changing room as well I guess) Unisex The Unisex one can only be used by one person at a time ( yes I used it to see what the setup was) seems like a sensible way around the problem for the flucking loser wierdos to take a piss
  3. Gawd he is a cracker. Its like living in a dream. Everyday another announcement that makes the heart go boom
  4. No money going to be coming in as vice mayor so time to set up another source of income
  5. You just cant make this shite up So he gets out of the truck which is in gear, staggers to the back and behind of the vehicle which; only then by the wonders of the universe, begins its backward movement and gathers enough momentum to run him down and over. I forsee a new suicide method being born
  6. Been there However my experience of this "wonder of the modern universe" was not dissimilar to the one in this video Another over-hyped, crappy 3rd rate "world class tourist destination" in the Failappines. There is nothing world class tourist wise in the PI . if there was more tourists would come. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9VXHnYdnPY
  7. A news anchor in China referred to the PI being part of China during the week. One can only live in hope
  8. Thailands online system works really well. This one should too. But it wont. Enough said
  9. NOTHING is good for the Aussie dollar right now mate. We are back to being a banana republic
  10. I have made notes already on Libangs evilness to pass onto the Purge selection committee. A shalllow plot out at KFIA will be selected. Your confession of non pressing of likes when you really wanted to will have to be reported too. No more sleeps. Its here. ☺
  11. Just quietly mate you dont have to vote if you are overseas on election day. Sshhhhhhh If you are unable to vote you should complete and submit an Overseas Notification form [PDF 55KB]. If you do not inform the AEC, we will write to you asking you to explain why you did not vote. If you explain you were overseas on election day, you will not be fined. http://www.aec.gov.au/Voting/Ways_to_vote/overseas.htm
  12. Awwww shame I will be out of the country. Oh well do an absentee vote like I have every election.
  13. Plastic basins and groceries.hmmm only cold hard cash from the Roxas camp in my street. A plastic washtub would have swung me too. 1 more sleep comrades.
  14. Yep " The Killing Fields International Airport " KFIA
  15. I think we are gonna see more groups like the INC jumping on board now it is sure thing he is going to get in to try and curry favour so they are left out in the cold after he takes power. if anyone wants to you can "come out" now on here and pledge your undying love for the Iron Fist I will try to get your names on the list for not having the big red skull and crossbones stenciled on the front door for the death squads to see as they move down the street.
  16. Well disbelievers and haters your all flucked now cause the INC jusr endorsed The Iron Fist and Ting Tong Bong a few hours ago. All over bar the machine gun fire now. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/783270/inc-backs-duterte-marcos 4 more sleeps
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