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  1. She really needs to shut up. It's one thing for an elected official to give Duterte more ammo for his crusade to dump the USA. But this asshole (C Clinton) is accountable to no one.
  2. Wow, even when none of the Clinton's are in office they still fuck up our foreign relations.
  3. Meanwhile Filipinas are mad for everything Korean Fuck me dead
  4. Who cares? To paraphrase Kinison: We're going to use our mobile phones and drive and we're going to pull it off because most of us do it every single fucking day. Law has been in effect here in California for a while. Still see everyone doing it including cops.
  5. So if this is true, China is now openly threatening war if smaller countries don't give up their territory. Fucking nuke China. Turn them into a god damned parking lot. Nothing good comes from having this kind of expansionist power in this day and age.
  6. How about instead of blaming your version of partisan politics which I know nothing and care nothing about, you refute what I said? Australian gun control laws are heralded by gun grabbers in America almost every single day. Is it a lie? Did your country not do some kind of mandatory buy buck / confiscation? Are not most firearms illegal to own without strict government permission and oversight? Isn't it true that Australians have no inherent right to keep and bear arms? But back on topic - Australia keeps refugees it deems to dangerous for polite society cooped up on an island but wants the USA, with it's 300 million guns to take them onto our streets. That's bullshit.
  7. You mean after the massive gun confiscation that all the flaming liberals talk about you guys doing in previous years? Sure what's to expand?
  8. That's fine - Australia is a friend. But it's not very friendly for Australia to sequester all these refugees that are too dangerous for the rules and regulations, no guns allowed streets of Ozzy land, but hey America you take them Fuck. That. Shit.
  9. No problem - We'll pull out and let you deal with the fat psycho by yourself. Good luck!
  10. You're absolutely right Banjo - America should only deal with nice politicians!
  11. I don't like North Korea either, but WTF has ROK done for us lately?
  12. If those fisherman had any balls they'd just load up with TnT and start sending Chinese coast guard / navy vessels to the bottom. If those idiots from the South of PI cared about this shit, it would be happening.
  13. Well I'm very vocal in my criticisms of China and their ocean grab. But honestly, fuck Duterte. He threw away his advantage and slept with all the enemies. The USA should simply let China gobble up all of it unless is serves American interests to help PI, which at this point I doubt. I'm very sorry to say that because I love the Philippines and loath China
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