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  1. http://www.philstar.com/cebu-news/2017/04/11/1689824/five-cops-accused-extortion CEBU, Philippines - Councilor David Tumulak is calling on the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) to investigate five policemen who allegedly extort from subjects of anti-drug operations. The five reportedly came from different police stations and now belong to the new drug enforcement unit of CCPO. “Sagonson na gyod sige ko’g kadawat og reklamo nga naay gipangtukhang sa kapolisan ug nangundang sa illegal drugs but kanunay sundon sa police ug pasakyon sa sakyanan unya pangayo-an sa mga police. Mo-demand og kwarta ang police,” he told reporters yesterday. He said he wants the five investigated not only to stop the acts they are being accused of but to spare the police force from the unnecessary negative publicity. “Unfair kaayo sa tarong nga mga police ug sa city government nga active kaayo sa fight against illegal drugs,” he said. Tumulak, chairman of the City Council committee on peace and order, said he has the names of the five and will speak personally with Cebu City Police Director Joel Doria on the matter. “Dangtan og pila ka semana, balikan pa gyod sila. Adtoon sa mga panimalay kay mangayo nasad. Naa nakoy pangalan. So far, lima ni sila kabuok,” he said. “Maayo unta to og balikan kay tungod nibalik og involve sa ilegal nga drugas. Mura na nuon og huli-dap ning ilaha. Dakpon ka unya hold-apon ug pangayoan og kwarta,” he added. Based on the complaints he received, the victims were forced to sell their personal properties because the policemen would demand for money repeatedly. There were even times when the cops would allegedly use force. “Naa poy sa raid unya kuhaon ang wedding ring ug ATM card… ang worse is patiran ang tao hangtud mohatag sa password sa ATM. Dili nani maayo,” Tumulak said. Doria, for his part, said he will open an investigation once a formal complaint is filed against the cops. “Wala pa akong alam dyan pero kung mayroong complainant ay paiimbestigahan natin yan,” he said. Tumulak said the five, all low-ranking policemen, have reportedly been accused of extortion in the past. “Dili na gyod maayo. Alarming nani,” he said. Tumulak wants the cops moved out of the city if the allegations will be proven true.
  2. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/five-dead-militants-attack-philippine-tourist-island-army-065108919.html ive people including a Philippine police officer were killed Tuesday in clashes with 10 suspected members of the Abu Sayyaf kidnap group on the resort island of Bohol, authorities said. The incursion would be the first on a major Philippine tourist destination in recent years by the Abu Sayyaf, which has long engaged in kidnappings for ransom -- often targeting foreigners in the lawless southern Philippines. Five bodies have been recovered at the scene of the fighting, Philippine military spokesman Brigadier-General Restituto Padilla said on ABS-CBN television in Manila. At least one policeman was confirmed killed in the fight, national police spokesman Senior Superintendent Dionardo Carlos said in a statement. "Security forces reported that the armed group is well-armed with heavy-calibre weapons, but now cornered in an isolated section" of Bohol, Philippine military chief of staff General Eduardo Ano said in a statement. It comes after the US and Australian embassies warned their citizens this week about possible kidnappings by "terrorist groups" in the central Philippines. Bohol is a major tourist destination, where foreign tourists swim with whale sharks and marvel at tiny primates called tarsiers, go on cruises aboard boats on crystal-clear rivers and lounge at white-sand beaches. Military spokesman Padilla said the army had received information over the past few weeks about "a potential activity on the part of some lawless elements to disturb the peace" in the area. "The clearing operations are ongoing and we are pouring in more forces to help and assist. We hope to finish this by the end of the day," the spokesman added. The gunmen sailed into the Bohol town of Inabanga on Monday, going upriver toward a remote section of the island aboard three fast boats, Inabanga police officer Edwin Melicor told AFP by telephone. "Residents told us the gunmen could have been Muslims because they were aboard boats that are used only in Mindanao," Melicor said, referring to a Muslim-populated southern area. A clash broke out as police went to investigate early Tuesday, Melicor added. The Abu Sayyaf, also blamed for deadly bombings, has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State movement that holds large swathes of Iraq and Syria. Over the past year the Abu Sayyaf has been expanding its activities, boarding commercial and fishing vessels off their southern island stronghold of Jolo, near Malaysia, and abducting dozens of foreign crew members. They beheaded a German tourist earlier this year and two Canadian tourists last year, all three of them having been seized at sea.
  3. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/philippines-occupy-fortify-spratly-islands-claims-091252783.html MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Thursday he has ordered the military to occupy and fortify all Philippine-held islands in the disputed South China Sea to assert the country's claims amid what he says is a race to control territory in the area. "We tried to be friends with everybody but we have to maintain our jurisdiction now, at least the areas under our control," he said during a visit to a military camp in western Palawan province. Duterte said he has ordered the armed forces to occupy and place Philippine flags on all islands, reefs and shoals controlled by the Philippines. "There are about nine or 10 islands there, we have to fortify," he said. "I must build bunkers there or houses and provisions for habitation." It was unclear how Duterte's order can be executed. Some of the tiny reefs and outcrops would need expensive and logistically difficult reclamation work before structures could be built on them. "The president wants facilities built such as barracks for the men, water (desalination) and sewage disposal systems, power generators (conventional and renewable), lighthouses, and shelters for fishermen," Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said. Duterte said he may visit one of the islands, Pag-asa, to raise the Philippine flag on Independence Day. He said money has been budgeted to repair the runway on Pag-asa, home to a small fishing community and Filipino troops. Since taking office in June, Duterte has worked to mend ties with China that were strained under his predecessor over the territorial disputes. An impeachment complaint has been filed against him that cites, among other things, his alleged failure to protest China's territorial expansion in the South China Sea. Rival claimants, including the Philippines and Vietnam, have expressed alarm over Beijing's building of artificial islands in the disputed region. "It looks like there's a race to grab islands," Duterte said. "What is ours now, we should get and make a strong point that it is ours." He said he will rename Benham Rise — a potentially resource-rich undersea region off the country's northeast coast — the Philippine Ridge. Benham Rise is on the opposite side of the Philippines from the area at dispute in the South China Sea. The U.N. Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf confirmed in 2012 that Benham Rise is part of the extended continental shelf of the Philippines. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana has said that Chinese survey ships were seen crisscrossing the Benham Rise area last year.
  4. http://www.angelescitytimes.com/3-britons-investment-scam-held/ The National Bureau of Investigation arrested three British nationals, along with 35 local personnel, for allegedly running an investment scam from a Cavite-based company. A press briefing at the NBI headquarters in Manila on Friday presented Andrew Robson, Graham Allan Bennet and Dominic Whellams, who were arrested by an anti-cybercrime team at their office at 88 Building on Governors Drive, Carmona, on April 4. Robson was a company consultant while Bennet and Whellams served as trainer and IT expert, respectively, at Plustel Solution Inc. The bureau said they would be charged for violation of the Securities Regulation Code in relation to the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. “Verification with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) revealed Plustel’s lack of authority to offer securities, there being no prior application for secondary license from the commission,” the bureau said in a statement. “The company [does this] through its responsible officers and focal personnel to sell nonexistent bonds, securities, debentures and similar products to nonsuspecting investors outside the Philippines.” Plustel targeted “prospective investors” usually from the engineering, oil, gas and manufacturing industries, it noted. Explaining the company’s operations, the bureau said Plustel tele-qualifiers assess their prospective victim’s financial capacity and willingness to invest over the phone. Results deemed favorable to the scheme are forwarded to the verifiers “who gauge the probability of an investment sign-up.” The financial information on the victim will be forwarded to the loaders who will ensure that the investors “part with their money in exchange for nonexistent securities, to their damage and prejudice.” Along with the British nationals, 35 Filipino employees allegedly caught in the act of selling securities were placed under arrest, while 172 others working as data miners, qualifiers and verifiers were also brought to the NBI for investigation and verification. They were said be engaged in so-called boiler room operations, which, according to SEC Director Jose Aquino, is a way of solicitation or selling of securities using high-pressure sales tactics. Boiler rooms are often set up in inexpensive office spaces, where telemarketers make calls to randomly selected prospects.
  5. We have seen the food prices creeping up every month.
  6. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/philippines-duterte-draws-ire-defending-adultery-071115171.html Philippines' Duterte draws ire for defending adultery AFP NewsApril 5, 2017 View photos Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, 72, whose first marriage was annulled and who is in a long-term relationship with another woman, has openly boasted about having mistresses and using Viagra to have sex with them More Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte faced criticism on Wednesday for defending adultery by a powerful political ally. Duterte had said that like himself, House of Representatives Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez -- who has made public his extramarital affairs -- had "many wives". "This is a world of hypocrisy. Who among you here does not have a mistress?" the president said in a speech aired live on television on Tuesday night, adding it was "a non-issue". The comments drew sharp rebukes in the conservative and mainly Catholic nation that remains the last holdout against divorce -- apart from the Vatican itself. "All of it is sexist and misogynistic to explain improper behaviour simply by virtue of being male," Senator Risa Hontiveros told AFP. "It sends a message that undermines the many struggles and gains so far for women's rights and gender equality." Alvarez, the country's fourth-highest official, is an old friend and political ally of Duterte. The politician made headlines in the past week when he publicly admitted having sired eight children, six of them with two women other than his wife. Duterte, in the televised speech to government employees in Manila, admitted his comments defending Alvarez's affairs were "a chauvinist statement". "But really there are so many women and you (have) so short a time in this world. My God!" he said in comments that drew laughter from the crowd. "The thing there is that you're able to support the children. That's it." Duterte said that unlike married Christian Filipinos who are allowed a single wife, Alvarez "never converted to Christianity. So he is not bound by the rules of the number of women that you can have." Filipino critics dispute his comments, saying that while Muslim men are allowed to marry more than once, adultery is a criminal offence. Duterte, 72, whose first marriage was annulled and who is in a long-term relationship with another woman, has openly boasted about having mistresses and using Viagra to have sex with them. "Who isn't entitled to happiness? Ask these lawmakers, how many of them have two, three or four mistresses? Ask them," Duterte said on Sunday in his first public comments on the Alvarez controversy. Duterte's defence of adultery smacks of a double standard, said Elizabeth Angsioco, national chairwoman of the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines. "These are men in positions of power so it's unacceptable and appalling that they just speak lightly of these things. It's very dangerous," Angsioco added. Duterte was elected by a landslide last year largely on a promise to kill tens of thousands of drug dealers and other criminals. During the election campaign, the US and Australian ambassadors criticised Duterte for saying he had wanted to rape a "beautiful" Australian missionary who was murdered in a 1989 provincial prison riot in the city where Duterte was mayor. He reacted angrily to that criticism, saying his remarks had been misinterpreted.
  7. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/duterte-orders-philippine-troops-south-china-sea-reefs-083031533.html Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Thursday he has ordered troops to deploy on unoccupied South China Sea islands and reefs claimed by Manila, in a move that could provoke rival claimants including Beijing. "It looks like everybody is making a grab for the islands there, so we better live on those that are still vacant," he told reporters during a visit to a military camp on the western island of Palawan, near the disputed Spratly group. China asserts sovereignty over almost all of the resource-rich South China Sea despite rival claims from Southeast Asian neighbors and has rapidly built reefs into artificial islands capable of hosting military planes. Duterte has previously sought to improve his nation's relations with China by adopting a non-confrontational approach over their competing claims in the strategically vital waters. But the president appeared to alter his tone with his announcement Thursday, saying it was time to "erect structures there and raise the Philippine flag". "I have ordered the armed forces to occupy all. "At least, let us get what is ours now and make a strong point there that it is ours," he said, adding Manila was claiming "nine or 10" Spratly islands, reefs or cays. Duterte also said he "may" visit the Philippine-claimed areas on June 12 to mark Philippine Independence Day. An official at the Chinese embassy in Manila seemed surprised when asked by AFP to comment on Duterte's declaration, but referred questions on the matter to the Chinese foreign ministry in Beijing. The Philippines under Duterte's predecessor Benigno Aquino had actively challenged China's claim to control most of the South China Sea, despite counter-claims by several other nations. But the controversial Duterte, who took office last year on promises to kill thousands of people in a drug war, reversed that policy as he sought billions of dollars worth of investments and grants from Beijing. The two neighbours are scheduled to hold talks in China in May to tackle issues related to the sea row. The Philippine military currently has garrisons on Thitu, the largest of the Filipino-claimed islands. After China occupied Mischief Reef in the mid-1990s, the Philippines marooned a derelict navy vessel atop nearby Second Thomas Shoal to assert Manila's territorial claim. Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have also sparred with Beijing over territory in the disputed waterway. US President Donald Trump's administration so far has taken a tough stance on China's claims in the South China Sea, insisting it will defend international interests there. Trump is set to sit down with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping later in the day to discuss a range of issues which will likely including tensions in the South China Sea.
  8. http://www.angelescitytimes.com/inflation-hits-28-month-high-3-4-march/ MANILA — Inflation rose 3.4 percent year-on-year in March, the fastest rate of increase in prices of basic goods in 28 months, due to higher prices of food and non-food items. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) data released Wednesday showed that headline inflation last month was the highest since November 2014’s 3.7 percent. According to the PSA, prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco rose 6.4 percent year-on-year last March; clothing and footwear, up 2.9 percent; housing, water, gas, electricity, gas and other fuels, up 4 percent; furnishing, household equipment and routine maintenance of the house, up 2.5 percent; and health products, up 2.8 percent. “As we have said, our runs show that the path of monthly inflation shows upticks until about the third quarter of this year before slowly decelerating to average within the target range” of 2-4 percent for 2017, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor Amando M. Tetangco Jr. said in a text message to reporters. “While we don’t see any immediate need to tweak policy rate settings, we are watching the international oil supply picture, developments in the comprehensive tax reform program, geopolitical developments, among others. We will make adjustments if and when needed,” Tetangco said.
  9. https://latest.com/2017/04/bill-oreilly-loses-13-advertisers-after-his-13m-in-sexual-harassment-settlements-revealed/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=ta&utm_campaign=iwvo12 As we’ve reported this week, Fox News and Bill O’Reilly have reportedly paid $13 million to settle sexual harassment claims against the host in recent years. In the wake of these revelations, more than a dozen companies have pulled ads from the show in response to outcry from the public. O’Reilly has denied all of the claims, saying that in his position as a high-profile figure on Fox News he’s a “target” for malicious, untrue lawsuits from people seeking a payout. Fox News issued a statement saying they stand by the host. One claim from a former regular guest on his show is not accompanied by a lawsuit or any other sort of request for Monday. In a press conference on Monday, Dr. Wendy Walsh claimed that after she refused to go to his hotel room with him an offer to be a paid contributor was rescinded. In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon on Monday night, she said her only goal is to ensure “a nontoxic work environment for my daughters and their generation.” At the press conference Walsh stopped short of saying O’Reilly should be fired, instead saying she “doesn’t care” what Fox News does to him personally.
  10. http://www.angelescitytimes.com/pnp-arrests-3-south-korean-fugitives/ Philippine police say authorities have arrested three South Koreans wanted in their home country, including a man who allegedly swindled his compatriots of more than $5 million. The national police chief, Ronald dela Rosa, said Monday that Interpol had issued red notices for the three and coordinated their arrests with Philippine police and the immigration bureau. Among the three is 32-year-old Yong Ho Jeon, who was arrested March 25 in his condominium in metropolitan Manila. He allegedly belongs to a group that established a call center in South Korea that extorted money from people applying for bank loans. The group allegedly collected 6 billion won ($5.4 million) from the victims. A South Korean couple wanted in their country for alleged fraud was arrested last Wednesday in northern Benguet province.
  11. http://www.angelescitytimes.com/edpam-gets-outstanding-mayor-award-5th-time/ ANGELES CITY- For the fifth consecutive year, Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan has been chosen as one of the recipients of the Most Outstanding Mayor Award (MOMA) in the Philippines. In a fitting awarding ceremony held March 30 at the Alphaland Makati Place , Mayor Pamintuan, represented by his namesake councilor Edgardo Pamintuan Jr., formally received the outstanding fete from the prestigious global organization Superbrands Marketing International (SMI). At the time of the awarding rites, Mayor Pamintuan is in Malacañang Palace to take his oath of office as the new Chairperson of the Regional Development Council of Central Luzon. According to SMI, the MOMA aims to “recognize the authority and efficacy of the mayors who have served his or her constituents with competence, and integrity with sensitivity to address right and wrong”. The international award-giving body further stated that the “MOMA is a testament of their [mayors] achievements. The acknowledgement of participating in and having been awarded Most Outstanding Mayor itself, together with its publication, celebrates a mayor’s achievements”. This year, a total of 20 mayors were conferred with the MOMA. Aside from Mayor Pamintuan, two Kapampangan mayors also received their respective recognitions namely: Mayor Emmanuel Alejandrino of the Municipal Government of Arayat, and Mayor Edwin “EdSa” Santiago of the City Government of San Fernando (P). Mayor Pamintuan received his first Superbrands outstanding mayor award in 2012, and has continued receiving it in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Having been recognized again this year, Mayor Pamintuan now belongs to the roster of local chief executives with numerous outstanding mayor awards from SMI. “The continuous acknowledgement of our efforts is a manifestation that we are successful at raising the bar of governance and leadership in Angeles City,” said Pamintuan. “I offer the award to the Angeleños who have given me the mandate to lead the city as local chief executive, and to my fellow public servants, for without them I would not have executed my visions for the development of the city,” Pamintuan added. SMI Chairman Karl Mclean and SMI President and Chief Executive Officer Harry Tambuatco led the awarding ceremonies for this year’s Superbrands Most Outstanding Mayor Award.
  12. http://www.angelescitytimes.com/cebu-city-jail-split-sick-inmates/ DUE to the number of Cebu City Jail inmates suffering from different illnesses, Councilor Dave Tumulak wants to separate detainees who have been diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Tumulak will meet officials from the Department of Health (DOH) and the City Health Department (CHD) to discuss the matter since the number of inmates with contagious illnesses is “alarming.” “We will request DOH and CHD to separate these inmates who acquired HIV and tuberculosis to secure the other inmates,” he told reporters. In a report submitted by Jail Warden Supt. Arnel Peralta, there are 136 inmates who are diagnosed with HIV; 32 diagnosed with PTB; and 24 who are psychiatric cases. At present, the jail houses 4,174 inmates. Of the 136 inmates with HIV, 88 are undergoing medication, 45 are for follow-ups and three have refused treatment. Of the 32 inmates with PTB, eight are multi-drug resistant while one is extensively drug-resistant. From January to March 29, 16 inmates have died inside the jail due to different illnesses. Peralta, for his part, said they conducted initial interventions to prevent several diseases from spreading. Inmates with PTB, who have not been treated, were detained in one cell. “We are hopeful that the City can assist us and provide us with doctors,” Peralta said.
  13. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/10-killed-head-collision-zambales-025127704.html Ten of the 13 passengers of a multicab died after a head on collision with a delivery truck on National Road, Barangay Carael, Botolan, Zambales at around 3:00 pm, Thursday. Seven of the victims on board the multicab were declared dead on the spot, while three were declared dead on arrival at the hospital. Among the five injured are the driver and the porter of the delivery truck. Based on the initial investigation conducted by the PNP-Zambales, the front tire of the delivery truck burst, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle and eventually crashing into the multicab. Some of the multicab passengers were on their way home from a seminar at Ramon Magsaysay Technical University in the town of Botolan.
  14. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/australians-cling-roofs-floodwaters-swamp-112133506.html Local residents wade through floodwaters near their homes in the northern New South Wales town of Lismore, Australia, March 31, 2017 after heavy rains associated with Cyclone Debbie swelled rivers to record heights across the region. AAP/Dave Hunt/via REUTERS Flooding rivers swamped towns along Australia’s east coast on Friday forcing tens of thousands of people to be evacuated as fast-flowing waters cut roads and destroyed bridges after the remnants of a powerful cyclone swept through the region. The disaster zone from ex-Cyclone Debbie stretched 1,000 kms (612 miles) from Queensland state’s tropical resort islands and Gold Coast tourist strip to the farmlands of New South Wales state, with more than 100,00 homes reportedly without power. Six large rivers had hit major flood levels and were still rising, said the Bureau of Meteorology. Flood sirens sounded before dawn at Lismore when the Wilsons River surged over the town’s levee. By daybreak the center of the town of 25,000 people in the Northern Rivers region of NSW was underwater. Throughout the day several towns suffered the same fate and were submerged under floodwaters. Stranded residents climbed onto roofs of flooded homes to await rescuing, but fast-moving water and high winds hindered emergency crews reaching some people. Farmers moved livestock to higher ground, while others sandbagged property, desperately trying to stop floodwaters. NSW police said they had recovered the body of a woman from floodwaters on Friday, the first reported death since Cyclone Debbie hit on Tuesday. Authorities had feared that people may have died overnight as floodwaters rose swiftly in the dark. “We’ve seen a lot of flood rescues here this morning,” Lismore State Emergency Service Deputy Controller Amanda Vidler said while floodwaters lapped her feet in the hard-hit town. She told Reuters of one rescue where she plucked a man from rushing water on the town’s main street. “We put him in an inflatable and we got him out of there…yeah, we all got wet,” she said. Cyclone Debbie, a category four storm, one short of the most powerful level five, pounded Queensland state on Tuesday, smashing tourist resorts, bringing down power lines and shutting down coal mines, has become a huge rain depression. Debbie will hit Australia’s A$1.7 trillion ($1.3 trillion) economy, with economists estimating it will slow growth to under 2 percent in the first quarter. In the Bowen Basin, the world’s single largest source of coal used to make steel, Glencore (GLEN.L) said its mines were not damaged by the storm but restarting production depended on railways reopening. Rail operator Aurizon (AZJ.AX) reopened one of its four railway lines and three were still closed. BHP (BHP.AX), (BLT.L) was still assessing the extent of any disruption to shipments. Queensland’s top insurers, Suncorp Group Ltd (SUN.AX) and RACQ, said it was too early to put a dollar figure on the damage. Lismore mayor Isaac Smith said it was the worst flood in at least three decades. “When I was a young fellow I have seen a couple of these but I don’t quite remember them like this,” he said. Since Wednesday night, the NSW State Emergency Service has fielded 1,400 calls, made 300 flood rescues and given more than 20,000 people immediate evacuation orders. “There’s not a lot we can do about it, you can’t change mother nature’s mind, you just do your thing, wait till it goes down and clean it up,” said Lennon Bartlett as he paddled his dad’s rowboat down a street in Lismore. (Reporting by Tom Westbrook and Colin Packham; Editing by Sandra Maler and Michael Perry)Queensland’s top insurers, Suncorp Group Ltd (SUN.AX) and RACQ, said it was too early to put a dollar figure on the damage. Lismore mayor Isaac Smith said it was the worst flood in at least three decades. “When I was a young fellow I have seen a couple of these but I don’t quite remember them like this,” he said. Since Wednesday night, the NSW State Emergency Service has fielded 1,400 calls, made 300 flood rescues and given more than 20,000 people immediate evacuation orders. “There’s not a lot we can do about it, you can’t change mother nature’s mind, you just do your thing, wait till it goes down and clean it up,” said Lennon Bartlett as he paddled his dad’s rowboat down a street in Lismore. — By Tom Westbrook and Colin Packham | SYDNEY
  15. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-39405721 A man whose lawyer wife was gunned down on a busy Philippines street is seeking to meet with top-ranking officials to try to bring her killers to justice. Mia Mascarinas-Green was killed in her car in Tagbilaran City with their three children in the back seat. Stuart Green, from Hertfordshire, was living with his family in Bohol province when his wife was shot. After shooting Mia the killers turned the gun on the children but the gun jammed, Mr Green said. Twenty eight bullets "If not for the miracle of the gun jamming it was highly likely that I would have returned to four coffins," Mr Green added. Mrs Mascarinas-Green was forced to stop at about 16:45 on 16 February when a motorbike swerved in front of the car she was driving. Witnesses said two men walked over to the car and put a bullet in the engine, before firing a total of 28 bullets at Mrs Mascarinas-Green - nine of which lodged into the back of her neck, killing her. Mia Mascarinas-Green was a prominent environmental and human rights lawyer, whose funeral was attended by thousands of people. Mr Green, a marine biologist, met his wife in 1990 at a conference in the Philippines and the country was their home, but since his wife's murder the family has returned to Hertfordshire. 'Life-shattering' He believes the motive for his wife's death is due to a dispute involving a minor case she had undertaken involving the ownership of a holiday hotel. "Mia was just doing her job. This was not an environmental case or children or women's work. This was just a small case," Mr Green said. "I feel a burning need to ensure that these people are never able to put any other human being, or family through this heart wrenching and life-shattering experience ever again," he added. Mr Green is planning to meet with Bohol's governor, the head of the national police and other officials for an update on the investigation. Friends of the couple have set up an education foundation for the children.
  16. WTF is all I can say. MARCH is Anti-Rabies Awareness Month. But earlier this month, the viral disease claimed the life of seven-year-old Joshua Andy Durias in Barangay Paknaan, Mandaue City. He was bitten by a rabid dog owned by their next-door neighbor last March 7. His mother Jannette said her son suffered hallucinations and seizures soon after that. She said her son, who wanted to be an actor when he grew up, usually didn't go out because his friends went to their house. But that day, a friend had asked him to come out and play. Joshua walked passed Brownie, a mixed breed that was tied to a tree. When the boy got close, the dog bit him. Joshua was already on the ground when the dog's owner Rodrigo Mayol arrived. Rodrigo tried to stop Brownie from attacking the boy, but the dog also bit his arm. The boy's aunt Joan said they rushed Joshua to the barangay health center then to the City Health Office (CHO). “The incident happened on a Tuesday, but the CHO staff told us to come back on Friday for the anti-rabies shot,” Joan said in Cebuano. From the CHO, Joan and another relative brought Durias to the Dr. Ignacio M. Cortes General Hospital, then to the Cebu Institute of Medicine Community MedicoSocial Services in Barangay Paknaan, where the staff advised them to immediately go to the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu City. In the following days, it seemed Joshua had recovered until he was struck down by a fever last March 25. No charges yet When his family brought him to the Eversley Child's Sanitarium and General Hospital in Barangay Jagobiao the next day, they complained about the service. “Ingani jud ni ma'am basta public hospital. Pasensya (That's how it is in a public hospital),” Joan quoted one of the nurses. Joshua was finally confined at the University of Cebu Medical Center. Joan said the doctor told them her nephew was displaying rabies symptoms and there was no assurance he would survive. “He could not stand being exposed to the air and light. Then he went wild,” she said in Cebuano. At 10 a.m. on March 27, Joan said her nephew could barely breathe and was salivating. Two hours later, he died. Brownie's owner Rodrigo said the dog had received an anti-rabies shot, but they had to tie him down because the dog kept wandering far. After the biting incident, Harbey, Rodrigo's son, said they sent their other dog to the city veterinary’s to be impounded. Janette said the Mayol family is close to them and that they have not decided whether to file charges against them. Joan and all those had physical contact with Joshua will be injected with anti-rabies this morning at the CHO.Read more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/local-news/2017/03/31/7-year-old-boy-killed-rabies-534036
  17. My smart 3g isn't to bad. I average 6-8Mbp/s down and 2-3Mbp/s up. In Ormoc they have Smart LTE and they connect at around 30Mbp/s down.
  18. I sure hope our island is included PLDT wireless subsidiary Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is stepping up its network improvement program this year and increasing its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) coverage to include a total of 785 municipalities by the end of 2017, in line with its commitment to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). This is about half of the target indicated in the three-year network roll-out plan that PLDT submitted to NTC last year, where it said that Smart is focusing on accelerating its LTE deployment and will make it progressively available to users in 1,551 cities and municipalities across the country by the end of 2018. For 2017, Smart targets to roll-out 2,165 sites with LTE in low spectrum bands and 3,568 sites in high spectrum bands, according to Joachim Horn, chief technology and information advisor for PLDT and Smart. “We will also continue to invest in our 2G and 3G networks to meet customer demand and ensure best customer experience,” he added. The backbone of the PLDT group’s digital pivot, this comprehensive network modernization and expansion program features re-equipping cell sites to use low-frequency bands such as 700 MHz and 850 MHz to improve LTE and 3G services, as these frequency bands travel farther than high-frequency bands and provide better coverage, including indoors. The rollout also includes deploying high-frequency bands like 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz, to increase the capacity of each Smart cell site to handle more calls, texts, and ever-increasing mobile data traffic. Smart’s network rollout took a big bulk of parent company PLDT’s ramped-up capital expenditure program of P42.8 billion for 2016, which included the utilization of the new frequencies freed up with the acquisition of San Miguel Corporation’s telco assets. PLDT chair and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan has announced a total capital expenditure of P46 billion this year, inclusive of carry-overs from last year. “We are improving customer experience through better network services and by offering progressively more relevant and targeted products and services,” Pangilinan said. These investments in network improvement have been paying off, Horn noted. Last year, Smart completed the roll-out of enhanced 4G and 3G coverage using low-band frequencies in Boracay and Metro Davao, where users are now reporting improved mobile internet experience. Initial results are also beginning to show in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu, where network upgrades are still ongoing and are expected to be finished in the following months. Initial tests in Metro Cebu, for instance, have produced average LTE download speeds of 20 Mbps and average 3G download rates of 6 Mbps where the new cell site facilities have been installed. In Rizal, the average download rates in the areas where cell sites have been upgraded are 23.3 Mbps for LTE. LTE delivers superior experience for users, particularly for data. It can also be quickly upgraded to LTE-A, which can provide even faster speeds and greater capacity to subscribers who are using LTE SIMs on LTE-capable handsets. Smart began rolling out its LTE-A service in April 2016 in preparation for the rise of bandwidth-heavy services such as video streaming and gaming. Initially deployed in Boracay, Smart’s LTE-A service delivers peak speeds of more than 100 Mbps to users with LTE-A capable smartphones. Such download rates are achieved using a capability of LTE-A called “carrier aggregation” which provides subscribers with access to the combined capacity of two or more frequency bands. “The roll out of our LTE network is strategic not only because it gives an immediate boost to internet speeds and reliability, but also because this lays the foundation for further improvements,” said Horn. “As more LTE-A capable handsets become available, we can turn on the carrier aggregation feature of LTE and quickly raise internet speeds even more. We are also conducting our LTE roll out in ways that prepare us for the arrival of 5G, which is just three years away,” Horn added. “We are asking for people’s patience and understanding as we are upgrading in our network facilities. We are taking all possible steps to minimize the impact on our subscribers. Our commitment to all our subscribers is that they will enjoy progressively better mobile data services in the next few months, particularly for those using LTE devices,” said Horn. Smart is now among a handful of leading operators actively working on ultra-high speed wireless data capacity in anticipation of demand for gigabit speeds. These breakthroughs have successfully demonstrated that the very high speeds demanded by the advent of the ‘Gigabit Society’ can be supported using LTE technology, and with the spectrum available to PLDT and Smart. “This is a key part of our efforts to transform the PLDT and Smart network into the country’s most future-ready data infrastructure delivering a wide range of gigabit digital solutions," Pangilinan said. Read more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/baguio/local-news/2017/03/28/smart-roll-out-lte-more-areas-year-533519
  19. Wow, doctor performed mouth to mouth on her. No crash cart, no nothing. A 29-YEAR-OLD businesswoman died during liposuction, breast augmentation and buttocks surgery cosmetic procedures in Mandaluyong City last weekend. Shiryl Saturnino, 29, was declared dead after a nine-hour cosmetic procedure at The Icon Clinic in Shaw Boulevard, said Eastern Police District (EPD) director Chief Superintendent Romulo Sapitula. Sapitula said Saturnino was admitted to the clinic around 5 p.m. Saturday and the operation lasted until 2:40 a.m. Sunday. During operation, doctors Jose Jovito Mendiola and Samuel Eric Yapjuangco, who performed the cosmetic procedures on Saturnino, have noticed that Saturnino's heart was no longer beating. They performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Saturnino, but to no avail. They then called for help from Makati Medical Center. Dr. Kristel Marie del Rosario the doctor who accompanied the responders declared Saturnino dead around 3:21 a.m. Sapitula said they are conducting investigation on the incident following the requests of Saturnino's parents, Noli and Shirley. Police will determine the possible negligence of the cosmetic doctors. "We will file necessary charges to those liable on the incident," he said. Sapitula said the results of the autopsy on Saturnino's body will served as basis for filing possible charges against Mendiola and Yapjuangco. Lawyer Estelita Cordero, legal counsel of The Icon Clinic, said the management of the clinic will cooperate in the investigation. "Responsibilidad po namin sa public ang malaman ninyo ang katotohanan at ginagawa po namin ang lahat at kasalukuyan po kaming nakikipagtulungan sa abot ng aming makakaya upang malaman kung ano ang totoong nangyari sa di inaasahang pagpanaw bi Bb. Saturnino," the lawyer said in a statement. Cordero said Saturnino is longtime regular customer of the clinic. Despite the incident, it was business as usual at The Icon Clinic on Tuesday, according to Cordero. Read more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/manila/local-news/2017/03/28/businesswoman-dies-during-cosmetic-surgery-533509
  20. 40 cops living beyond their means probed http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/local-news/2017/03/27/40-cops-living-beyond-their-means-probed-533438 THE Regional Internal Affairs Services (RIAS) is investigating 40 police officers, who are allegedly living beyond their means. In the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO), six police officers formerly from the office’s anti-drug unit were reassigned to administrative positions for pending cases. “When the Regional Intelligence Division, Regional Intelligence Unit and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency confirmed that a certain police officer is involved in illegal activities, charges will automatically be filed against him,” Senior Supt. Jose Carumba, chief of the RIAS, said. Carumba said they are waiting for the verification by the intelligence units and the agency to check if the policemen are involved in illegal activities that could have contributed to their unexplained wealth. Recently, 51 policemen were also investigated for reportedly having lavish lifestyles, 10 of whom face graft and corruption cases and violation of the Code of Ethics of the PNP in the Office of the Ombudsman. In CCPO, Director Joel Doria said police officers who used to be anti-drugs operatives and are now facing charges for various offenses, like raiding a house without a warrant or committing delays in filing charges, will not be given operational assignments again. “Those police officers who will be assigned in a drug enforcement unit should be a hundred percent clean in their records, that’s no question,” Doria said. Meanwhile, the deputy director for operations in the Police Regional Office (PRO) 7 will now be Senior Supt. Dennis Agustin, once chief of the directorial staff. He replaced Senior Supt. Rey Lyndon Lawas who was appointed by Philippine National Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa. Lawas will now be a member of the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management and chief of the Crime Research Analysis Center. His order was effective last March 16, but because he is the ground commander of the upcoming Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit. He will still be here in Cebu from April 4 to April 7.
  21. http://news.abs-cbn.com/overseas/03/26/17/australia-braces-for-very-destructive-cyclone SYDNEY - Australians are bracing for the worst cyclone in the country's northeast in several years, with residents evacuated and schools closed amid forecasts of destructive winds and rain. Cyclone Debbie has been forming off the coast of Queensland state in recent days, the official Bureau of Meteorology said Sunday, with its "very destructive core" expected to hit land early Tuesday morning. "The very destructive core of Tropical Cyclone Debbie is currently expected to cross the coast between Townsville and Proserpine on Tuesday morning, most likely as a category four tropical cyclone, with wind gusts up to 260 kph near the center. Debbie is expected to develop into category three late Sunday. "I think you could say that Debbie's probably the most significant tropical cyclone since Yasi that we've had to deal with in Queensland," Bureau of Meteorology Queensland regional director Bruce Gunn told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, referring to a 2011 cyclone. "Not so much because of its intensity, we're only predicting a category four at landfall, but mostly because of its size and extent." Yasi saw homes in northern Queensland ripped from their foundations and crops devastated. The Whitsundays, an island off the coast of Queensland, faced an evacuation call Sunday as residents were told to leave low-lying areas amid fears of a storm tide. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said dozens of schools would be closed for the cyclone. Shopkeeper Ken Hall said he was stacking sandbags in front of his store in Home Hill north of the Whitsundays. "I've been in three cyclones before, but this one has made me a little nervous because it's bigger than the ones I've been in, it could be a category four and it's heading directly for us," he told the ABC.
  22. THE Duterte administration has urged Australia to open its market to Philippine bananas, which has remained barred in that country for over 20 years now, the Department of Finance (DOF) said Sunday. Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III, who was once agriculture secretary, raised the Philippines’ longstanding concern in his meeting with Australia Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who was in Manila last March 16-17 on an official visit. “As former Minister of Agriculture, I will raise with you the issue of the banana imports. We have been working at that for 20 years, probably. And we have not been able to ship to you a single box of bananas,” he said in his meeting with Bishop. Bishop replied by reiterating Australia’s standard response on the need for the Philippines to meet that country’s required risk management measures and offered Australia’s assistance in this area. “The challenge, I guess with you and for us is for Philippine produce to be able to meet those conditions in order for exports to occur,” Bishop said. “We can continue to talk about… more assistance that we can provide to meet those requirements.” Biosecurity Australia, the inspection and quarantine assessment arm of Australia’s Department of Agriculture, has long been imposing stringent phytosanitary and sanitary requirements on Philippine bananas, which has been barred from the Australian market since 1995. These requirements include, among others, the need for Philippine banana exports to have eight leaves prior to harvest and the use of non-perforated bags for packing. The Australian Banana Growers Council has also long been opposing banana imports from the Philippines. Dominguez pointed out to Bishop that Philippine bananas, one of our country’s top food exports, are accepted and exported in many other countries. “Japan accepts our bananas, China accepts our bananas, even the Middle East accepts our bananas,” Dominguez said. The Philippines asked the World Trade Organization way back in July 2003 to create a dispute panel to settle its complaint with Australia regarding banana exports. Filipino officials have argued that Australia’s measures are inconsistent with provisions of the General Agreements on Tariff and Trade (GATT) barring countries that are signatories to the pact from imposing non-tariff trade barriers. The balance of trade between the two countries heavily favors Australia, with Philippine imports from Australia reaching US$892 million in 2016, while exports amounted to only US$386 million in the same period, DOF said. Read more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/manila/local-news/2017/03/26/ph-urges-australia-lift-ban-bananas-533141
  23. A Filipino fisherman has been rescued in Papua New Guinea after drifting at sea for 56 days, but his uncle died during the ordeal, a report said Saturday. The men left General Santos in the southern Philippines in January but hit bad weather and were swept out to sea, the PNG Post Courier reported after a fishing boat spotted Roland Omongos, 21, on March 9. The newspaper, citing local police, said the pair had no food and the survivor's uncle died. It said Omongos kept his body for as long as possible but was forced to throw it overboard when it started to decompose. He survived on two five-litre containers of water and was found weak and distressed by the Bermadethe Marie which was journeying from Wewak to Rabaul, a town on the Papua New Guinean island of New Britain. Omongos has been examined by doctors and is being held on the boat in Rabaul while arrangements are made for his return home, the Post Courier added, giving no further details.
  24. I always am concerned with these units. I would guess most are not properly grounded.
  25. INVESTIGATORS have discovered that 51 police officers in Central Visayas are living in luxury and that their lifestyles are beyond their monthly salaries. These officers were subjected to a lifestyle check by the Regional Intelligence Division (RID) of the Police Regional Office (PRO) 7. Of the 51 officers scrutinized, RID chief operation officer Senior Insp. Ervin Bellen told SuperBalita Cebu, in an interview, that 13 were police commissioned officers, while 38 were non-commissioned officers. “They are living luxurious lives. They have many cars and properties but they can’t explain their wealth. Some of them are still P01 or P03 yet their assets are in millions,” Bellen said in Cebuano. He also said they doubted these officers because their payslips state that they have few debts but their children are studying in expensive schools. The lifestyle check conducted by the RID is part of the internal cleansing in the Philippine National Police (PNP) initiated by Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa. Bellen said the result of their lifestyle check will be submitted to the Regional Internal Affairs Service (RIAS) 7 for further investigation. In a separate interview, RIAS 7 chief Senior Supt. Jose Carumba said they are still investigating the 63 active officers under PRO 7 for their luxurious lifestyle. Nine police commissioned officers were already facing criminal and administrative complaints before the anti-graft court for owning several cars that were not declared in their Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth. These police officers are now at the PNP headquarters in Camp Crame. Guam P. Logroño of SunStar SuperbalitaRead more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/local-news/2017/03/25/51-police-central-visayas-living-lavish-lifestyle-532956
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