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  1. Nice video thanks for the share. Yep, that is Sabang. At the 4:10 mark if you look through the trees and the trash and see a pale green building with yellow trim that is my house. Shortly after that he arrives at the ATM which is across the street from Jack Daniels, home of some of the best Indian style curries in the Philippines, also home to Barfiner. Where he is staying at Montianies, rumor has it food from the kitchen may have become unsafe when the Italian owner went home. Hopefully it is better now. Capt Greggs who he walks past at 9:32 has a nice restaurant, the dive shop like to do much more casual deco dives than true fun dives. Steps and Gardens resort they visit at 15:15 is very nice. Good food, very clean, nice people. At 16:27 where the camera pans to the left is the Tamerind Restaurant. It is the same owner as Steps and Gardens, the food is good (except the Norwegian salmon---never get the Norwegian salmon.) Put bug spray on your feet and ankles to prevent nic nic bites. 16:10 she walks past where South Sea Divers used to be. RIP to a very fine shop.
  2. That's something a lot of women tell you when they really mean that you are so gwapo that they just want a reason to hang out.
  3. I'm glad to hear that it was BS, and I'm sorry to have brought it up. Feel free to delete the thread. Or leave it to inform others of all the bad info out there.
  4. https://thebunglereport.wordpress.com/2016/05/22/co-creator-of-pirascals-sex-tourist-forum-arrested/ Hopefully bungle is once again lying but I would like to hear either way.
  5. I'm not expecting any arrests any time soon. Americans are expendable. The criminals just better be smart enough not to trouble the new Chinese Masters.
  6. I'm all for deporting him. Just the same as I am all for deporting all the foreigners who are unlawfully in America.
  7. I hope everyone reading this knows that it is a scam and Bill Gates is not involved.
  8. In this case he is more right than wrong. Most crime nearly anywhere is committed by those who have been in jail.
  9. To be completly honest the seeds that lead to that policy were planted by Eisenhower and watered by each subsequent President, until now.
  10. In six weeks it will be less than 11... In twelve weeks it will be less than 12... More than zero is too many. How did we get to the point where we let a guy like this have any.
  11. The Headline should read "Smart Mouthed Brat Duterte about to be taken to the Woodshed."
  12. Mr. Wayne Melbourne Littlefield sounds like a reprehensible person. I wonder what sentence the Philippino's who trafficed the Minor got?
  13. It is long past time that President Duterte began to contest China for the Philippines sovereignity.
  14. My wife is always reminding me not to get into arguments with people when we visit the Philippines. This is another good reminder to people not to become involved in disputes. Of course in the case of this poor woman, she was just doing her job. May she RIP and may her family find first justice then peace. While I confess to being a jerk, I'm just trying to make sure my friends here see the lesson for us.
  15. I sure it passed a recent safety inspection.
  16. I wonder why? More to the point who gives a shit what they want? They killed two people, but they have the nerve to behave as if the most important thing is not to chase away potential customers. Fuck em, name em and shame em! The worst thting about the story is that the police accede to their wishes.
  17. They do have the patients, but many lack the budjet.
  18. Either that or US income needs to go up to that prices can rise to support US support.
  19. I see little wrong with the process, except the fact that it was photographed. In my opinion the authorities do not have the right to photograph prisioners whom they have forced to be naked. In my opinion each prisioner who was humilated by the distrubtion of their naked photographs should be able to bring suit against the people who took the picture and the people who permitted it. Yes, I understand it was probably a phone pic taken by a guard of a police. The guards and police should not have phones while on duty, they are too stupid to be trusted not to misuse them.
  20. https://www.yahoo.com/news/ending-ceasefire-philippine-leader-says-peace-talks-over-200327508.html I hope the Army is inspired to succed.
  21. I guess that will go a long way toward solving the recuiting problem.
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