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  1. Those Islands do not belong to China. Those slit eyed faggots need to stop leeching off other peoples fishing grounds. Clean up their own polluted waters. And that fat fuck bowl hair cut freak in North Korea that keeps launching missiles all over the place near its neighbours can say hello to the US NAVY in a few days.
  2. MORE Pie in the sky shit just like making Visa's more attractive its all talk no action from Thai's.
  3. Not really Chinese will beat the fuck outta you for being late to work. That's pretty accurate.
  4. Fuck these little brown shit paper thieving fucks. They been getting a free ride off my country for the last 100 years. Let them fuck China's dirty ass-hole for a change. These little brown lazy fucks think China gonna put up with no showing for work? HAHAHAHA Guess again mother fucker Chimers will beat that backside with a bicycle tire!
  5. He is a retired Master Guns from the United States Marine Corps. He can say any goddamn thing he wants about sandwich makers in his Marine Corps! He earned that right you did not.
  6. Trump and DO STICK are too closely similar, thinking they will have a good relationship. got yelled at on pee-eye for pet naming Dodirty love how i can speak my mind over here LMFAO
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Go kill your citizens on someone else dime you fucks.
  8. 500k overstays? Sounds little embellished. Wait this is the Philippines never-mind
  9. 49.965 at 3pm today thought for sure that bitch was gonna hit 50. Serious movements pretty sure we going to see 52 before the year is up.
  10. Turn that whole goddamn place into a glass parking lot i say
  11. God if we could get away doing this on those blue states.
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