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  1. Pure filth. That's what that is, pure filth. Anyone have anymore we can view, while we chastise the owners of the photos?
  2. I use bank apps to deposit checks from one account to another. Can't say as I have ever used one to withdraw money. Would be a great idea, though - until the battery dies in your phone, or it locks up for some reason in the middle of the process. Just write a check to myself. Endorse it on the back. Take a photo of the front and rear of the check with the phone. Follow the APP to complete the deposit. I find check deposits clear within 5 hours, typically. An ACH wire transfer takes 48 hours.
  3. How can these pieces of shit do this kind of thing to children? I will never understand it. People say it's a disease. I don't know what it is. But, a slow, painful fucking death for them, would suit me fine.
  4. I'll pass. While I am no lightweight, I only want gals who are slender. Not much into heavyweight women.
  5. Or the chick who fell in the river and drowned?
  6. Shouldn't someone make sure this news is posted on @night? I mean, it may interest some over there, from what members here have stated in the past?
  7. China is scare of the US. It's best to let them stay that way. If we were to give in to them and let them "take" anything, from the Spratly Islands, to the Philippines, it would merely give them self confidence that they do not need.
  8. Supposedly, it is due to the overcharging of Li-ion batteries. Must be something to be said about these batteries. They have safety bags you are supposed to put them in while charging, in case you overcharge them.
  9. Pffft. News agencies. Trying to make it sound as though the transgender dude was pregnant. Cliff's Notes: The boyfriend was born as a girl. The girlfriend was born as a boy. Neither have had "gender reassignment surgery". They screwed (same way everyone else does) and the "boyfriend" got pregnant.
  10. I don't get it. WHY? Populations in many of these areas are very light. Why wouldn't they want to hit more heavily populated areas?
  11. Nope. I assure you, he wasn't dropping anything off, except BP meds. Small world, though, to learn some of you fellas are members of this forum. If you head back this way, we should meet up for a drink or eight.
  12. I remember that well. One of the guys with you on that trip, Joel, brought me some blood pressure medication. It's considerably cheaper in the Philippines, than here. So, whenever I know someone is coming over from the Philippines, I try to get them to bring me some pills.
  13. No doubt. Trouble is, the Thais don't care. They don't want us there anyway. If I didn't enjoy the water festival so much (yeah, I know I'm odd), I wouldn't go back. I have to admit, I used to carry my passport, or a full sized copy of my identification page, with a copy of my current visa on the opposite side, even here in Cambodia. But, I have become slack in doing so. The lack of the police bothering me has made me very lazy, in that department. Here in Battambang, it's illegal to drive without a helmet while in town. They stop Khmers ALL the time, while I blow right through the traffic stops. Granted, you can't go over probably 20kph, anyway. I can't wear any of the small, stupid, cheap, plastic helmets, anyway, due to the size of my noggin'. But, they don't bother to stop me at all. Well, they haven't in the two years I've lived in Battambang, anyway.
  14. Now, you can probably see why I have him added to my "Ignore Preferences". I don't see anything he posts - well, until someone quotes him anyway. :D
  15. God, I feel so cheap. I was molested last night, by my girlfriend. I may not recover from it. I could be in therapy for life, because of that.
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