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  1. here it works out to about 10.2 per kwh
  2. Because these "people" actually believe this crap. Once I dug up a termite hill on the property. Well the mother-in-law would not talk to me for the remainder of her stay because I had destroyed the house of the "little people" Had a mechanic and his helper afraid to touch my car because they thought it was possessed and suggested that I call a priest to get rid of the "bad Spirits". Walking through the bush, you need to say "tabi tabi poh". It is to warn the "little people" that you are coming so that you don't step on them.
  3. Starting JUNE 15, 2017, lane reloading at NLEX will no longer be available to all Easytrip subscribers. You may reload your account in Easytrip's 3000+ reloading facilities. I have Easytrip and its great, or a least it was! Now you need to go into one of these reload stations (if you can find them) to top up the unit. The whole idea, for me, was not having to fuck around with change at the toll booth and in some cases, to just fly by all those that need to hand in a ticket and pay and wait for change. If the readout at the toll booth says "low balance", no worries, just hand over 1000 pesos and keep on going. I sure hope that SCTEX toll booths will still accept payments.
  4. Pretty much the same as any of the so-called laws in this country, They only enforce it for those that can pay the bribe.
  5. They brought this on themselves by having contraband. If it works, then what is the harm?
  6. And what would it be if the tables were turned and it was a foreigner in the Phils? He broke the law while on a green card... his problem, not anyone else's.
  7. But it's not just blokes who can't wait to get their hands on the machines. Women – as big buyers of vibrators – are going to be lusting after male sex robots with a "bionic penis" that can go "ALL night long".
  8. RIP I just watched the newest Star Wars the other night for about the 5th time.
  9. Actress Carrie Fisher, who found enduring fame as Princess Leia in the original "Star Wars," has died. She was 60. Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourd, released a statement through her spokesman saying Fisher died Tuesday just before 9 a.m PST. Lourd said her mother was "loved by the world and she will be missed profoundly." Fisher had been hospitalized since Friday when she suffered a medical emergency on board a flight to Los Angeles. She made her feature film debut opposite Warren Beatty in the 1975 hit "Shampoo" and was also an accomplished author who detailed her experiences with addiction and mental illness in several bestselling books. Besides her daughter, Fisher is survived by her brother, Todd Fisher, and her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds.
  10. There was never a chance of charges, payments would only be made IF the relatives of the dead are aware of the law. I highly doubt if any pinoys in province would have any idea of their rights.
  11. Well, according to the Philippine law http://attylaserna.blogspot.com/2013/12/criminal-negligence-of-drivers-and.html The driver and the owner would be in serious shit. Let me rephrase that, the driver and the owner should be in serious shit, but likely a simple bribe will quash it.
  12. careless driving: outcome=nothing reckless driving causing death: outcome= likely nothing, maybe 50k per death paid to the families. Driver, back on the road.
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