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  1. The last sentence proves that was not written by a Filipino haha. BTW the owner of XS stated a couple of times on other boards that nobody was arrested, a few detained for a couple of hours till they got their IDs delivered by family, and no money taken or money paid, and it was an ID check, not a raid. Was this news copied from the other news item that was BS also. Or who to believe? Knowing the owner I doubt he would bother to lie about it.
  2. wingfang

    Water Bill

    In Villasol just under P21 / cubic metre for the last couple of years for around 12 cubic metre / month use.
  3. wingfang

    Electric Bill?

    In Villasol: Angeles Electric average last 12 months: 814.5 KWH/mth (highest 1063 in May) (lowest 403 must have been real cool last February) 8.71 Peso/KWH (highest 9.36) (lowest 7.89) bill P7,088.12 (highest P9,606.54) (lowest P3,625.48) I heard a few years ago that electricity in Angeles is way more expensive than elsewhere. Maybe not true.
  4. One of my current acquaintances won't stay alone in my apartment because I kidded her once that the white lady upstairs is just lonely and wants someone to talk to.
  5. The truth is very elusive. And the last place you'll find it is in the major media and official accounts.
  6. This ain't gonna help tourism/AC... https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/07/26/isis-philippines-marawi-fighting/502025001/
  7. I remember seeing a notice in a Muntinlupa veterinarian's office back in the 1980s that showed how many people had died from rabies in the Philippines the previous or some year. If I remember correctly it was well over 100. I seem to remember the figure 157.
  8. The horrors of 2nd hand smoke...Just to sh:t stir a bit http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/medical_examiner/2017/02/secondhand_smoke_isn_t_as_bad_as_we_thought.html
  9. Meanwhile costing the economy much more in healthcare and productivity losses every year from vehicle exhaust pollution? I assume it's still OK to smoke in Quezon City, the country's most populous city, and the cities of Caloocan, Las Piñas, Makati, Malabon, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Navotas, Parañaque, Pasay, Pasig, San Juan, Taguig, and Valenzuela? I wonder if dying a few years later than one would have with smoking really saves the economy much? Could it conceivably be a cost benefit, getting rid of ancient puffers like me a bit earlier than otherwise?
  10. Unless the medicine was impossible to identify by packaging she was stupid not to verify.
  11. No end of bullshit in that smh.com article. A classic example of anti Trump propaganda. BTW: While typing this watching National Geographic with a disgusting pro climate change propaganda program. Thank God for Trump.
  12. Would that be about one third of households? Amazing. And true unemployment figure is over 20%.
  13. " It will use furniture and pieces designed by Vito Selma. " some interesting stuff... http://www.vitoselma.com/all/
  14. Yes it's never ending. He doesn't seem to understand that.
  15. I tried to get a 'road code' or anything similar back in 1982, and there was nothing available. I assume it is still the same. I'd be happy to be corrected. It seems a result of this is some guarded villages dream up their own 'road code' for their village. The one I experienced was full of illogicality. Clark and Subic free ports probably have their own also which are probably similarly flawed.
  16. This guy says some interesting stuff on that subject http://www.rexgilroy.com/index.html he also has some videos on youtube. Same as in NZ any evidence of settlement way before the accepted official history is immediately denied, covered up, or destroyed, and the supposed deluded perpetrator of such claims branded a racist/nutcase/whatever.
  17. A war against drugs does not end. It goes on forever.
  18. I've had 6" nails hammered into my car tires by parking parasites, but this is wierd.
  19. The freedoms that make it worth living here are slowly disappearing.
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