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Thailand: Nudist resorts flourish in Asia-Pacific’s most popular tourist haunt

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WHILE Thailand is known for conservative values typical of any Asian country, nudist or “naturist” resorts where tourists can unabashedly bare all are thriving in the kingdom.


There are currently at least four such getaways – in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket – catered exclusively for the naturist, all opened by Danish Gregers Moller and his wife.


At these clothing-optional resorts, visitors are allowed and in fact, encouraged, to go in the buff within the compound, where they can mingle with other like-minded individuals on holiday.


According to Moller, a 8,000 sq ft campsite dedicated for the nudist colony will be opened by year-end at a location somewhere between Bangkok and Kanchanaburi, the South China Morning Post reported.


Moller’s resorts are said to be the only ones in Asia that exclusively serve nudists, and the hospitality entrepreneur said he hopes the campsite will complement them well by providing guests with a more “primitive experience.”


“It’s close to nature,” he was quoted as saying by SCMP.


Moller, a former foreign correspondent for a Danish newspaper who grew up in a household of nudists, made his foray into nudist hospitality in 2009 after opening the Chan Resort in Pattaya. He first arrived in Thailand in 1988.


He said most of his guests hail from India, Australia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Burma, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan.


“They go to their rooms, take off their clothes and come down to the restaurant and talk to other people. Naturists are very talkative and they like to talk to each other.


“Most people who come here are couples. But we also have many singles. Other couple guests don’t mind having singles as long as they do not expect any sexual activity.”


Though it may come to mind, sex in public spaces is strictly forbidden in line with standards set by the Naturist Association Thailand, which was established by Moller and his wife in 2007. The association boasts some 3,000 members, including naturists and resort operators who reserve parts of their premises for nudists.


“The hotel operators have to sign a contract with the association to behave according to standards. No sex is allowed in public places.


“For the individual members, we have regular meet-ups like the upcoming naked run in October in a three kilometre jungle outside Bangkok,” Moller said.


Moller said he also organizes monthly beach outings but there are no public beaches in Thailand, dubbed Asia-Pacific’s most popular tourist destination by MasterCard last year, where nudism is allowed by law.


“You can see some beaches in Phuket where nobody will mind if women are topless. But they will mind if the men are naked,” he said.


“However, there’s a private island which is owned by the Thai navy which is one hour by boat from Pattaya. Every month, the association members will go to the beach on the island on a Sunday or Saturday for a picnic or games.”

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