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2 men caught cheating charged

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TWO husbands and their mistresses were charged yesterday with concubinage after their wives caught them in Lapu-Lapu City.

Gina (not her real name) from Barangay Babag and Nina (also not her real name) from Barangay Buaya asked the help of police officers after

they found out that their husbands had been in a relationship with other women.

At 12 a.m. in Babag yesterday, police officers arrested Gina’s husband, Jef (real name withheld), who had been living with his mistress in the

neighboring sitio.

PO2 Maria Filipina Branzuela, investigator of Lapu-Lapu Police Station 3 Women and Children Protection Center (WCPD), said the relationship of

Jef and his mistress started in 2010, or during the time Gina was working in Hong Kong.

“Pag 2013, niuli sya dinhi sa Pilipinas unya wa na niya makit-i iyang bana... Iyang mga amiga moistorya nga ang iyang bana nakit-an uban sa

iyang laing babaye (Gina returned home from Hong Kong in 2013, but she no longer saw her husband. Her friends told her they saw him with his

mistress),” Branzuela said.

When Gina went to visit a friend who just gave birth in a hospital last April, she accidentally met Jef and her woman, who also just delivered their

third child in same health facility.

Branzuela said Gina wanted to talk with Jef, but he declined. It also came to the point that the mistress started quarreling  Gina.


Gina and Jef got married in 2004 and has two children ages 12 and 10.

Gina just learned about his husband’s infidelity through Facebook.

“Kapuyo man na siya sa akong ig-agaw. Naa silay anak babaye. While naa ko sa gawas, naglabandera siya sa amoa (My husband’s mistress

was the former live-in partner of my cousin. They have a child. While I was abroad, she did our laundry),” she said.

“Sa gibuhat nila nako walay kapatawaran para nako. Grabe nga pagpangilad. Ingon nga gimalaria siya. Nagpada kog kwarta unya himanhiman

nanganak iyang kabit (What they did was unforgivable. They are liars. My husband asked me to send money because he suffered malaria, but I

learned that he used it when his mistress gave birth),” Gina said. 


Gina said she will file an annulment case against her husband.

Jef said he did it when his wife started sending money to her mother instead of him.

A concubinage case was filed against Jef and his woman in the Lapu-Lapu City Prosecutor’s Office. Another violation of Republic Act 9262, or the

Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004, was charged against him.

The same violation was also filed against another husband and his mistress at the prosecutor’s office yesterday.

Nina, 37, caught John (not his real name), a seaman, together with his high school classmate in a motel in Barangay Buaya last Sunday night.

After the case was filed yesterday, John knelt and asked forgiveness, but Nina ignored him.

Nina found out about John’s infidelity after he got drunk and forgot to turn off his cellphone.

Nina showed pictures of her husband and his mistress together which she kept as evidence. In the picture, John was embracing his woman who

was naked.


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