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Upset with US critics, Duterte says 3 of 5 Americans are idiots

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Apparently frustrated with how US officials regard his war on drugs in the country, President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday claimed that only two out of five Americans are in the right mind.

In a speech before a community drugwatch organization in Pampanga, Duterte recalled how US officials called out his drug war for alleged rights violations, leading to the deferment of the selection of the Philippines for development grants in 2017.

"May isa pa itong may bago. Ang problema kasi sa puti—itong Amerikanong ulol—every five Americans kasi, ang tatlo diyan idioto. Dalawa lang diyan ang tama ang utak," Duterte said, drawing laughter from his audience.

"Bakit mo ako imbestigahin for saying when I was the President, 'Stop drugs because if you are destroying my country, I will kill you.' And if you deprive us of our youth for the next generation'—iyong mga anak ninyo, saan tayo kukuha ng Pilipino na tatakbo ng bayan na ito kung puro gunggong na lahat?" he added.

Duterte then reiterated the depth of the drug problem in the Philippines, including the extent of the involvement of government officials as protectors of the illegal trade.

"Remember four million is four million. It’s no joke and they are spread all throughout the country," Duterte said.

"And we are already a narco-politics state. We did not realize it until I became the mayor that there were already congressmen, governors, mayors, barangay captains pati pulis by the thousands," he added.

"I’ll give you a visual para ma-picture ninyo kung ano tayo kahirap. At itong mga…tumahimik ‘yung mga Amerikano kayo," Duterte said as he pulled out a stack of documents supposedly indicating the state of the drug trade in the country.

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Duterte ?  Don't know what fucking planet he's on.  :wacko:  Please just let me keep spending time and not much money in PI.


Of course no country is without its idiots...

Sorry, but in my English, you are = you're. :unsure:




'Your' in America.jpg

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