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Video Sabang Beach and more

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Nice video thanks for the share. Yep, that is Sabang. At the 4:10 mark if you look through the trees and the trash and see a pale green building with yellow trim that is my house. Shortly after that he arrives at the ATM which is across the street from Jack Daniels, home of some of the best Indian style curries in the Philippines, also home to Barfiner.


Where he is staying at Montianies, rumor has it food from the kitchen may have become unsafe when the Italian owner went home. Hopefully it is better now.


Capt Greggs who he walks past at 9:32 has a nice restaurant, the dive shop like to do much more casual deco dives than true fun dives. 


Steps and Gardens resort they visit at 15:15 is very nice. Good food, very clean, nice people. At 16:27 where the camera pans to the left is the Tamerind Restaurant. It is the same owner as Steps and Gardens, the food is good (except the Norwegian salmon---never get the Norwegian salmon.) Put bug spray on your feet and ankles to prevent nic nic bites.


16:10 she walks past where South Sea Divers used to be. RIP to a very fine shop.

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