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"Who's been sleeping in my bed?" US guy wants revenge as Mr. Penguin is no Goldilocks!

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PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN: -- A US man went to his local police after suffering five break-ins at his house in Bang Saphan Noi, Prachuap Khiri Khan.


The thief had stolen plenty of electrical gear but what Zachary Jacob Sullivan, 29, was really mad about was that the thief had even gone to his fridge and opened his beer.

Then to make matters worse he had consumed the beverages lying down on Zach's marital bed.

The thefts and Goldilocks behavior always occurred when Zach and his Thai wife were out.

Bang Saphan Noi police were soon on the case and realized quickly that the culprit was a local rubber factory worker called.....wait for it.....Pek Penguin.

Thai Rath reported that a warrant was issued for Mr Penguin on Monday following the latest theft on Sunday.

Apprehending Pek Penguin - a Laotian national - proved no problem for

the constabulary.

His disguise of luminous green t-shirt and multi-colored ship's wheel and anchor fashion pants might have fooled some but it was not going to trick the local cops.

Mr Penguin was hauled into the police station on a charge of burglary with the aid of a conveyance.

He admitted to thefts on five occasions but said, in an attempt at mitigation, that the occupants were always out.

He had made off with a rice cooker, a vacuum cleaner, a fan, a water heater, some eye glasses even some blankets and bed sheets.

Oh, and a few beers and cartons of milk.

He told the cops he had opened the beer and lay down on the American's bed.

The Laotian's total haul was 10,000 baht.

Our picture shows Zach and the cops expertly pointing at some of his recovered property yesterday.


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